1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc
    5 hours ago re: Traditional Pay TV Steepens Losses, Digital Pay TV Growth Slows by by Wayne Friedman (Television News Daily - Nov. 12)

    From an advertiser's point of view, the important question is how many of these "defectors" are no longer reachable by "linear TV" time buys? The answer seems to be that many are replacing "the cord" by switching to over-the-air reception and/or broadband reception---or both. As a result the reach potential of many TV time buys is still somewhere between 80-94% of the total population----probably on the higher not the lower end---- and Nielsen reports that even those few who do not have access to commercial TV in their own homes are exposed to it at someone else's home or some other out-of-home location---at least to some extent.

  2. John Grono from GAP Research
    6 hours ago re: Operating In Bifurcated Media World: Q&A With Operative's Lorne Brown by by Charlene Weisler, Op-Ed Contributor (Television News Daily - Nov. 07)

    Thanks Charlene.

    My key issue is that if digital (or more correctly, online/digital) is server-side based then there is an inherent assumption that (i) the ad is fully served and visible (ii) that its size and duration is significantly big enough to be seen (iii) that a human is at that device to even have an opportunity to see the ad, and (iv) that the app or browser tab that receives that ad ihas the device's focus.

    I know that when I go outside to do a day's gardening in half an hour I will leave the laptop on and all sorts of ads will be served and be getting credited with 'impressions'.

    Server-side is great at measuring total impressions dispatched, but it inherently overstates audience for a multitude of reasons.

    If such data is used for media strategy and budget allocation that is an issue.   If it is used for campaign effectiveness econometric modelling it is less of a concern, simply because it doesn't know what a TV rating, an online impression, traffic past a billboard etc mean - it just knows which of them move the sales dial (post-event).


  3. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    8 hours ago re: The Long Last Mile by by Steven Rosenbaum, Featured Contributor (Media Insider - Nov. 12)

    You do have a choice for some of your problems. Go to the store. Get up off the chair and manually do some of your business of turning off and on. Otherwise, all of you and us are screwed - and saying that mildly. Anti net neutrality support of this administration is helping you to crawl into a corner and read a book....and lose money by not being able to work. Who will be the brave person to start a law suit for proven lost wages past, present and future ?

  4. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston
    10 hours ago re: Jim Acosta, Deepfakes -- And The Death Of Truth by by Kaila Colbin, Featured Contributor (Media Insider - Nov. 09)

    Amen, Kenny. Calling the sped-up video a deepfake is just a cover story to defend Acosta, circling the wagons to justify another over-aggressive journalist from a news network that is no less biased than Fox. Indeed it’s possibly more fake news. 

  5. Henry Blaufox from Dragon360
    10 hours ago re: ANA: Feds Want 'Meaningful' Cooperation For Media-Buying Probe by by Steve McClellan (MAD - Nov. 09)

    So great big global law firm Reed Smith advises ANA members to bring in their own outside law firms if the choose to investigate and co-operate with the Feds. Looks like the only winners are the lawyers.

  6. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc
    11 hours ago re: Operating In Bifurcated Media World: Q&A With Operative's Lorne Brown by by Charlene Weisler, Op-Ed Contributor (Television News Daily - Nov. 07)

    To Charlene's question about a common definition for "impressions" across media, there isn't. We are working on our upcoming annual report ---"Intermedia Dimensions 2019" which goes into this question in great detail and, sadly, but not surprisingly, there isn't----nor is a single metric likely. However, as we point out, that's no excuse for not making comparisons and sensible judgements---not these days, anyway.

  7. Charlene Weisler from Writer, Media Consultant: WeislerMedia.blogspot.com
    11 hours ago re: Operating In Bifurcated Media World: Q&A With Operative's Lorne Brown by by Charlene Weisler, Op-Ed Contributor (Television News Daily - Nov. 07)

    Hi John,
    Good question. I was referring to impressions from a TV centric perspective which implies ads that are visible. In the digital space, I would presume that the impressions would be based on ad seen. Ideally impressions could be the common denominator for a range of platforms and media but perhaps defined differently according to platform. I am not sure that there is a common definition for impressions.

  8. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    11 hours ago re: SAP Buys Experience Management Firm Qualtrics For $8 Billion by by Thom Forbes, Featured Columnist (Marketing Daily - Top of the News - Nov. 12)

    How will GDPR effect this acquistion ?

  9. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    11 hours ago re: McClatchy Partners With RIP Medical Debt To Ease Financial Burden On Veterans by by Melynda Fuller (Publishing Insider - Nov. 12)

    Taxes must be increased to cover this debt if the non staffed/poorly staffed/underfunded VA cannot do its job as it stands. This is such a disgrace. All of those mulit billion conglomerates and top 1% who have gotten so many millions in tax refunds are laughing that they got such a break and veterans are suffering so badly run by Mar-a-Logo business executives who have no veteran or government experience. So McClatchy, the free press called the enemy of the people, has stepped up to do what needs to be done. Here at MediaPost especially when people who have the ability to share this info, as everywhere, the complete info needs to be dispersed so further decisions to be made have the compete story.

  10. Henry Blaufox from Dragon360
    Today, 9:33 AM re: Meredith To Sell 'Fortune' In $150 Million Deal by by Melynda Fuller (Publishers Daily - Nov. 09)

    Who gets the Fortune archives, especially the complete collection of photos since 1930? The picture collection may be priceless. It includes the work of Margaret Bourke White, who worked for Fortune startingb in the 1930s. The story around Time Inc. in my day is hwne she was given an assignment, she'd pop over to the photo lab with a shopping bag, open it, and the staff attending would just dump in enough rolls of Kodak film (not sure of the speed) to fill it. Every picture that was developed on her return was catalogued, whether it wound up being published or not.

  11. Kenny Kurtz from creative license
    Yesterday, 11:40 AM re: Jim Acosta, Deepfakes -- And The Death Of Truth by by Kaila Colbin, Featured Contributor (Media Insider - Nov. 09)

    Rumor has it that the Kennedy brothers were instrumental in the demise, and "suicide" (by barbiturate overdose) of Marilyn Monroe. JFK was a drug addict, and needed barbiturates to sleep. Did he "turn Marilyn on" to them while he and Bobby were tag-teaming her in the White House? 2018 enquiring minds saturated with 24/7 digital fake reporting really have a right to know!

    And I'm supposed to be outraged at Trump having liasons with attractive women while a private citizen, a successful businessman, celebrity, and billionaire? Not even in the White House? Stop it Dems... you're splitting my sides with the outrageousness, and laughter.

  12. Kenny Kurtz from creative license
    Yesterday, 11:39 AM re: Jim Acosta, Deepfakes -- And The Death Of Truth by by Kaila Colbin, Featured Contributor (Media Insider - Nov. 09)

    Much ado about very little. More fear mongering.

    I saw Acosta accost that intern in real time, and now I've seen the supposedly "doctored" video that "speeds up" Acosta's boldness, and aggressiveness.

    That Acosta erred by aggressively thwarting that young intern's ability to fulfill her duty (simply, to bring the microphone to the next person in line to present a question) is THE TRUTH regardless of real-time, or "speeded up."

    Unless you want to go back to Clinton's "it depends on what the definition of 'is' is" truth from two decades ago.

    Enough already with the whining, and crying about what is emanating from "the Trump Administration." Trump, and his people learned well from the crookedness, and LYING that has existed in politics since Day One, and will continue to exist until the end of time. I mean, I actually voted for Obama partially as a result of his convincing LYING about "I'll be the most inclusive President of all time, a leader that will reach across the aisle to get more done than any previous President in history."

    Trump's gotten more of America's business done in two years than Obama did in eight, and Obama engaged in virtually no "across the aisle reaching-out." Truth is, he wasn't cut out for it. For persuasion, or high-level negotiation.

    Politicians are liars, saying what the current political winds dictate they should say to curry favor, and get more votes REGARDLESS OF TRUTH...the nature of the political process dictates at least that broad truism. Trump is no worse than his predecessors, in fact, there has been a certain freshness in his saying whatever comes to his mind that seems far less politically calculated than his predecessors. He says things that no other poltician would ever say, for fear of offending, and losing support... sticks by those things in many cases, and then either changes his mind (very human) or FOLLOWS THROUGH ON THEM. People may not like some of the policy that results (even as many others do) but for crying out loud STOP DEMONIZING THE GUY. He's a broken human being, as are all of us. He can be a crass, insolent buffoon... but we've seen others like that in the Oval Office throughout history, none of whom had to deal with the 24/7 instantaneous digital coverage of every utterance, and occurrence that exists in 2018.

    Just think. Only five decades ago, our President, and his brother (US Attorney General) were sneaking dozens of prostitutes, and starlets into the White House under the noses of their wives Jackie and Ethel to "share." Can you imagine the field day "the media" would be having with that today, in the "Me Too" era?

  13. Sean McCaffrey from GSTV
    November 10, 2018, 12:19 PM re: Gas Station TV Saw You Coming, Can Guess Where You're Going by by P.J. Bednarski (Marketing Daily - Nov. 07)

    We could never be disappointed in you and we’re sorry you didn’t have an ideal experience. We value customer experience and please contact us so we can resolve the issue and safe travels to you.

  14. PJ Lehrer from NYU
    November 10, 2018, 9:23 AM re: Here Comes Generation Alpha by by Jenny Mirken (MediaDailyNews - Oct. 23)

    Time to figure out what your brand sounds like.   More here...

  15. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    November 9, 2018, 10:55 PM re: GDPR Complaints Filed Against Acxiom, Oracle And Credit Bureaus by by Ray Schultz (Digital News Daily - Nov. 09)

    They believe nothing will happen to them.

  16. George Simpson from George H. Simpson Communications
    November 9, 2018, 8:22 PM re: Too Much Content, Too Little Time by by George Simpson, Featured Contributor (MediaDailyNews - Nov. 08)

    Sorry, not that old  ;o)

  17. John Grono from GAP Research
    November 9, 2018, 5:07 PM re: Too Much Content, Too Little Time by by George Simpson, Featured Contributor (MediaDailyNews - Nov. 08)

    Sorry George, I don't have time to read your article - I'll try and get back to it soon.

  18. David Scardino from TV & Film Content Development
    November 9, 2018, 1:45 PM re: Too Much Content, Too Little Time by by George Simpson, Featured Contributor (MediaDailyNews - Nov. 08)

    How about when "seasons" were 39 shows...? 

  19. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    November 9, 2018, 11:11 AM re: Facebook View Tags Are Gone -- Now What? by by Kirsten Frizol (Marketing Insider - Nov. 07)

    How invasive are facetags ? Illegal as far as I am concerned. You don't have my consent or permission to tag me so I make sure as much as I can that I will not be in pictures in case they wind up on fbeast or any other antisocial media.

  20. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc
    November 9, 2018, 8:53 AM re: The Future Of Legacy TV Advertising: Audience Targeted, Data-Driven Campaigns by by Lisa Lutz (Television News Daily - Nov. 09)

    One thing I agree with in this opinion piece is stated in the second to last line, "We are only at the beginning of this new advanced TV advertising era----".

    The plain truth is that not all TV advertisers are fixated exclusively on better targeting nor does higher CPM "advanced TV"----even if its flaws are remedied---- make sense for many commodity and mass usage products. Also, the sellers in TV are fully in charge and few of them will allow their wares to be cherry picked by targeting obsessed time buyers without significantly raising prices on their "goodies" or forcing the buyers to accept the good, the bad and the ugly in lower CPM, bundled packages. Last, but not least---when will advertisers allow their brands to make their own media decisions as opposed to being forced to participate in "corporate" buys whose focus is mainly on CPMs?

  21. Tom Messner from BONACCOLTA MESSNER
    November 9, 2018, 8:14 AM re: Jason Peterson Out As Havas NA's Top Creative by by Richard Whitman, Columnist (Mediapsssst - Nov. 08)

    MAYBE they should bring back Charlotte Beers

  22. Ron Stitt from Digitec Global Advisors
    November 9, 2018, 7:34 AM re: The Future Of Streaming Video Has Opportunities -- And Warning Signs by by Alex Weprin, Staff Writer (Video Insider - Nov. 06)

    See Michael Powell quote above for answer as to why it is not so simple.  Churn is already a huge problem as people juggle free trials, sign up/cancel, etc as they try to maintain access to the premium content they want to watch.  At the end of the day, the total amount consumers will be willing to pay does not equal the quantity of premium content they wish to consume, and FAANG companies will eventually have to turn focus to growing margins (ie raise prices).  There is also a serious socio-political inequality issue looming with the paid access model, especially sports.  A have/have-nots premium content scenario will be hard to sustain.

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    November 9, 2018, 3:36 AM re: Porsche Targets Younger Drivers, More Females by by Tanya Gazdik (Marketing Daily - Nov. 06)

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