• Merkle's Co-Op Data Strategy Means Brands Build A First-Party ID Graph
    Marketers who made significant investments in addressable advertising and found results in data may feel any other targeting option is a bridge too far to cross.
  • How Neustar Changes Customer Identity Data Management
    Facing significant changes, from Apple's IDFA to Google Cohorts, marketers need to think outside their silos. Working with one provider drives accuracy and less data loss.
  • Infutor Exec Passed Up A Job At HBO To Work With Data
    The road to Infutor took Zora Senat from an internship at Fox 4 News, Emma L. Bowen Foundation Media Partner, where she worked as a field producer, cutting video and audio tape for reporters to build out their interview reels.
  • Local Media Growth Expected, But Not Enough To Counter 2020 Declines
    This year's increases won't be enough to wipe out 2020's losses. The ad marketplace won't grow larger than what was seen in 2019 until 2022.
  • How Cookies Crumble At Some Of The Largest Companies
    Some companies will become opportunists, or disrupters and pioneers. Some like Best Buy will focus on first-party data and getting closer to the customer, said Keith Bryan, svp and president of Best Buy's ad business, media, and CRM.
  • Majority Agency Partner Says Data Tells The Story, Inspires Creative
    Celebrating women on International Women's Day 2021, Majority's Chief Strategy Officer Asmirh Davis reveals how the agency will use data to inform creative decisions as "an agency for the culture" -- not a multicultural agency,
  • Marketing Fraud A Much Bigger Problem Than Marketers Realize, Study Shows
    Two-thirds of marketers in a White Ops survey experienced fraud in the past year. The percentage rises when the marketing budget exceeds $5 million annually.
  • Dispelling Attribution Myths: Why Google Analytics, Google Ads Data Doesn't Always Match
    At the virtual Paid Search Association event, NordicClick Interactive Associate Director/Paid Search Brooke Osmundson explored when and why it's okay for Google Analytics and Google Ads data to not match.
  • Horizon Next's President On The Future Of Metrics, Measurement
    A new model from Horizon Next measures digital and traditional media, using automatic content-recognition data that helps analysts understand how viewers watch a show and the impact it has on transactions and sales performance.
  • Industry Must Collaborate On Privacy Initiatives, Says IBM Watson Advertising Global Head
    IBM is betting on AI to become the backbone of the cookieless industry by bringing the tech into media and marketing. The process must make sense of the data and offer insights for marketers, as well as maintaining consumer privacy.
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