• Brands Begin To Hit Roadblocks With Real-Time Ad Bidding And Targeting
    Thousands of apps in the U.S. Google Play Store still bypass permissions to collect user data, according to findings from a recent study that reinforces concerns over the ways companies manage and protect user privacy.
  • Facebook Members Give Advertisers More Fodder For Ad Targeting
    Facebook will create a new process that diverts advertisers offering housing, employment, or credit opportunities to a system with more defined targeting options, so customers are more likely to convert.
  • Majority Of U.S. News Sites Have Trackers Sending Data To Russia
    About 92% of major news sites in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Germany have active ad trackers that send readers behavioral data across international borders, mostly to Russia.
  • A Cross-Channel Programmatic Bidding Option With Viewability, Fraud Predictions
    Viant has been working for years to wipe out fraudulent impressions from bid requests with new tools, said Steven Ohrnstein, SVP, platform automation and analytics at the company.
  • Branded Content Project Details Local Media Spend, ROI For Publishers
    The Local Media Consortium and Local Media Association recently announced results from their first Branded Content Project, which details how local media approaches and profits from sponsored campaigns.
  • Kantar Educates Marketers On Full-Funnel, Multi-Touch Attribution Approach
    Kantar's full-funnel, multi-touch approach is intended to teach marketers to focus on brand building, and includes driving consumers to their website, even if the company doesn't support direct-to-consumer brands.
  • LiveRamp Launches Solution For Publisher Ad Inventory Without Cookies
    Last week LiveRamp launched assistance for cookieless-based ad inventory, in which third-party cookies cannot be dropped into browsers.
  • Creative Data Integrates With Optimization Analytics For New Performance Metrics
    VidMob has built tools on top of technology in Amazon Web Services that provide a never-ending loop of creating and learning, comparing a variety of attributes with frame-by-frame performance data before providing actionable insights back to brands.
  • What Mathematics Taught Lotame's Newly Appointed Head Of Global Data Solutions
    How can the industry move to a model that transacts on accuracy as a common currency? And what are the differences in managing data in Asia vs. the U.S.?
  • Criteo Hires Industry Expert To Focus On Retail Media
    The notion of retail media supporting brand-funded ads on retail sites drives Criteo's growth, with a focus on brands "monetizing their assets" such as site traffic, placement and customer data through the retailer.
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