• Marketing Fraud A Much Bigger Problem Than Marketers Realize, Study Shows
    Two-thirds of marketers in a White Ops survey experienced fraud in the past year. The percentage rises when the marketing budget exceeds $5 million annually.
  • Dispelling Attribution Myths: Why Google Analytics, Google Ads Data Doesn't Always Match
    At the virtual Paid Search Association event, NordicClick Interactive Associate Director/Paid Search Brooke Osmundson explored when and why it's okay for Google Analytics and Google Ads data to not match.
  • Horizon Next's President On The Future Of Metrics, Measurement
    A new model from Horizon Next measures digital and traditional media, using automatic content-recognition data that helps analysts understand how viewers watch a show and the impact it has on transactions and sales performance.
  • Industry Must Collaborate On Privacy Initiatives, Says IBM Watson Advertising Global Head
    IBM is betting on AI to become the backbone of the cookieless industry by bringing the tech into media and marketing. The process must make sense of the data and offer insights for marketers, as well as maintaining consumer privacy.
  • IBM Testing Artificial Intelligence To Predict The Success Of Future Products
    IBM has begun testing the use of data, analytics and AI to forecast the demand of future products with "a reasonable amount of accuracy," says Steve Laughlin, IBM Global Consumer Industry vp-general manager .
  • Xaxis North America President Talks About Brand Safety
    More than ever, brands must take online measures to protect their image against damaging influences. It's no longer an option to have ads run near questionable or inappropriate content.
  • Next Generation Of Advertising, Data Collaboration Looks Very Different
    Newly commissioned research from The Winterberry Group delves into the surge of data collaboration across companies in a post-cookie world, based on in-depth interviews across the U.S. and U.K. with more than 50 industry experts and a panel of senior brand marketers providing input.
  • How Data Models May Have Helped Prevent Chaos At Capitol Building
    Advertisers use data models to determine the "perfect" message to target consumers with ads at specific moments. Why can't data models built on sentiment and interests predict violence?
  • Brand Safety, Cyber Security Will Catch Ad Industry By Surprise In '21, TAG CEO Says
    Racial sensitivity and brand safety were the focus of major changes in the ad industry in 2020, which will manifest in the ways consumers bond with brands in 2021.
  • Contextual Advertising Moves To Next Stage In 2021
    AI and machine learning can now recommend the dominant color in an ad image based on historical ad performance. But this is just the beginning. Marketers will see advancements that enable an understanding of the contextual effect of objects, texts, and situations and will make recommendations based on the data.
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