• Three Pillars Of Western Union's Data Strategy
    Western Union's partnership with Safaricom enables cross-border money transfers for the company's mobile wallet users, who number approximately 28 million. More transactions mean more customer data.
  • OwnerIQ Hits 7,000 Data Deals In One Year
    OwnerIQ wants advertisers to have better access to consumer information and the ability to network with companies giving permission to share the data. The company has been working toward this since the launch of its CoEx platform in 2012.
  • Infutor Keeps Eye On Voice, Facial, Thumbprints As New Data Sources
    Voice and facial recognition and thumbprints are being considered as ways to collect opt-in information to build out audience segments for ad targeting.
  • Ups And Downs Of Data, Programmatic: Q&A With News Corp's Chris Guenther
    Chris Guenther, global head of programmatic for News Corp, shares his thoughts on some of the benefits, challenges and flaws of programmatic technology.
  • Debating Nuances, Distinctions In Consumer Data Privacy Becomes Global Fight
    Tech companies and some Republicans want a national standard that would override state regulations, such as California's 2018 privacy law that broadens the definition of personal information.
  • Data Finds Link Between Local Search, DOOH
    I am seeing more connections between digital-out-of-home interactive screens and search engine advertising and marketing -- especially around the use of data. Others agree.
  • Bacardi Steps 'Back To The Bar' With Renewed Thinking
    Last year a London bartender let Bacardi Global Brands Limited CMO and President John Burke shake some drinks for people during the first annual "Back to the Bar" initiative, which celebrates the company's Founder's Day.
  • Salesforce Integrates Data From All Sources To Follow Customer Journey
    Salesforce has been working to integrate and build out new services since it purchased Datorama in 2018. The integration now supports the ability to capture, interpret and classify marketing data.
  • IgnitionOne Turns Into Data Company
    IgnitionOne found new meaning in "customer intelligence." Now the company realizes its purpose revolves around supporting data.
  • Rethinking Real-Time Data And Programmatic
    After talking with marketers about real-time platforms for many years I have learned that how they define real time makes a difference.
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