• Oath Debuts Programmatic Audio Ads, Metrics
    Oath on Monday announced the ability to buy and manage digital audio ad inventory that comes from an integration with digital exchanges, such as the Rubicon Project.
  • Targeting Options Divide Advertisers
    Marketers are still divided and confused by their options to use cookies or people-based measurement techniques to measure data. A recent white paper measures the differences.
  • Lululemon Takes Data To The Race
    Lululemon created an experiential marketing campaign that enabled runners to participate in the 8K race on one of the 15 predetermined course locations in October for 10 days.
  • Factual, Ibotta Identify Unique Behavior Based On Location, Purchase Data
    Factual and Ibotta discovered a method to combine location and purchase data that creates audience segments advertisers can use to determine behavioral patterns not identified in the past. The segments are intended to run across programmatic channels, but can be used for a variety of media such as mobile, search, television, video, and display.
  • Data Still Makes Ads Irrelevant, Consumers Say
    Marketers still lack the skills to use data correctly, even when they have access to search, location and other types of data. In a recent survey, only 18% of consumers said ads "often" seemed to understand their needs. Some 47% reported that ads seem to understand their needs at least "sometimes," 26% said online ads "hardly ever" understand them, and 9% said they "never" understand them.
  • Bot Malware Attacks Rise, As Search Engines Blacklist Fewer Sites
    The rate at which search engines blacklist infected websites continues to decline. Many searchers put their trust in Google, Bing and others to blacklist unsafe sites.
  • Allocating Media Budgets Requires More Than Data
    InfiniGrow has built a platform that recognizes each interaction a consumer makes en route to a purchase, assigns data to actions and determines the budget to allocate a portion to each media.
  • Only 22% Of App Publishers Understand Header Bidding
    Not enough publishers have a strong awareness of header bidding, and there is much misinformation about its limitations and how it works.
  • U.S. Marketers To Spend $15 Billion On Data In 2019
    Programmatic and display advertising contribute to the increase in the amount marketers will spend on data, according to the report.
  • Survata Appoints Dyna Boen First President Of Market Research
    Survata's first president of research, Dyna Boen, finds "onlyness" one of the strongest links to success. The word, which comes from the title of a book she is reading called "The Power of Onlyness" by Nilofer Merchant, refers to a person's unique qualities. This entrepreneur and strategist says businesses and individuals have these unique qualities. You just need to bring them out.
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