• Only 22% Of App Publishers Understand Header Bidding
    Not enough publishers have a strong awareness of header bidding, and there is much misinformation about its limitations and how it works.
  • U.S. Marketers To Spend $15 Billion On Data In 2019
    Programmatic and display advertising contribute to the increase in the amount marketers will spend on data, according to the report.
  • Survata Appoints Dyna Boen First President Of Market Research
    Survata's first president of research, Dyna Boen, finds "onlyness" one of the strongest links to success. The word, which comes from the title of a book she is reading called "The Power of Onlyness" by Nilofer Merchant, refers to a person's unique qualities. This entrepreneur and strategist says businesses and individuals have these unique qualities. You just need to bring them out.
  • Marketers Struggle With Tying Data To AI Systems
    Data supported by artificial intelligence has become an essential part of campaigns, yet marketers still struggle to deliver better experiences for consumers. One reason for integrating data with AI is to reduce the time it takes to find the nuances within the data, but executives agree there are gaps in technology that fail to connect data and provide one view of a consumer record that includes their likes and dislikes.
  • PebblePost Uses $25M Funding To Tie Programmatic Closely With Direct Mail
    PebblePost, which created programmatic direct mail, recently closed a $25 million series C funding round led by Advance Venture Partners (AVP).
  • Lucid Creates Data Quality Measurement Model
    The model analyzes "attribute density" in a new way to identify the type of consumers the campaign reaches, and then measure the return on investment on those people who buy a product or service. "There's probably a million data segments, so we cannot measure them all overnight," McConnell said. "But we think that if data's the problem, data quality is the next frontier of marketing."
  • Should Marketers Ad Target Households Or Individuals?
    Before launching a campaign, marketers need to determine whether it should target a household or individual. When audience data ties to the household, it becomes the primary focus.
  • IronSource Digs Into In-App Ad Preferences
    A recently released platform takes metrics and tracking to another level. This time it's about tracking interactions within the playable ad, known as a mini-game.
  • 25% Of Marketers Lack Skills To Measure Success Of Data
    Implementing transparency, consistency and universal standards are the top three actions that marketers would like from data providers to improve data quality, according to a recent study commissioned by data management platform Lotame.
  • Liberdy To Turn Advertising Permission-Based By 2021
    Liberdy, a blockchain-based company building a platform that works like a data exchange, wants to turn the advertising model on its head. It wants consumers not only to be more responsible for data -- but will pay them for its use.
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