• CMO Study: Programmatic Still Facing Obstacles
    The need for more efficient ad targeting with increased transparency began to attract marketers to the use of programmatic engines, but a recent study spearheaded by the CMO Council, "Brand Protection From Digital Content Infection: Safeguarding Brand Reputation Through Diligent Ad Channel Selection," shows relatively few have adopted the technology.
  • Data Shows Strong Economic Growth Has Ups, Downs For Ad Industry
    The news of a steadying economy will also enable companies to spend more on technology that supports online marketing and advertising, including cloud services. The data comes from Forrester Research in a report titled "2018 US Tech Budget Outlook: Growth Will Accelerate To Almost 6%."
  • Marketers Smarten Up, Spend Less On Holiday Campaigns
    It seems either marketers have made smarter campaign investments or technology has stepped in to improve performance. it's probably a little bit of both, according to the data.
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