• Cyber Monday Taking A Backseat To Overall Online Sales
    Consumer behavior continues to change, especially during the end-of-year holidays. Cyber Monday is declining in importance as a higher percentage of purchases shift to online.
  • How Consumer Market Research, P&G Influenced An Eight-Year-Old
    A parent who spoke about his work in market research made such an impact on Kronberger that she dedicated her career to studying consumer behavior and how businesses are run.
  • MightyHive Develops Data Cleanroom Business For A New Decade
    The concept of the cleanroom, especially for "walled gardens" such as retailers and consumer goods, creates a coop that connects transactions with loyalty data that companies would share.
  • Exponential Interactive Focuses On Connected TV With Launch Of VDX.tv
    The company uses three data sources -- "consumers who have not been to your site, loyalists, and how consumers cross-shop on different platforms," said Danielle Cravatt, VDX.tv's SVP, client partnerships. "We're also looking at articles people read on publisher sites to understand a person's buying habits."
  • Facebook Introduces Data Transfer Tool For Photos With Strict Privacy Standards
    The data transfer tool will adhere to current and forthcoming privacy regulations and will roll out initially during the test phase in Ireland. If successful, it will become available worldwide in the first half of 2020.