• Total Wine & More Increases Use Of AI, Data To Prevent Ecommerce Fraud
    Total Wine & More plans to implement technology from Forter that relies on AI and data to protect consumers from credit card fraud. The new strategy kicks off in early July.
  • Lotame Sets Precedent, Defines 'Quality' In Data
    Lotame now runs one of the world's largest data exchanges, with 65 data providers and more than 4 billion cookies and mobile device IDs. Similar to Google, the company's direction seems to influence the entire industry.
  • Mixing Blockchain With Programmatic
    Working with agencies may be a better move for those companies lacking employees with knowledge of blockchain and programmatic technologies. Agencies often can optimize media spend and negotiate better rates, because they understand the processes better than the brand, giving them leverage in the negotiations.
  • Advertising Expert Proposes New Data-Buying Options
    Ryan Rolf, who spearheads data sales at Lotame, is calling on the industry to change its pricing model.
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