• AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel Talks About Apple, Measurement, Privacy
    AppsFlyer's State of Gaming App Marketing report found that gaming apps spent $14.5 billion to acquire users in 2021, as 10% of budgets shifted from iOS to Android in an effort to improve measurement.
  • Conductor Fills Tech Gap With First Acquisition, Eyes Support For Amazon, YouTube
    The acquisition of ContentKing will help Conductor build up its organic marketing. Organic search can drive half the traffic to a company's website, but execs don't fully understand its value, Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik says.
  • Coinbase's Super Bowl QR Code Ad Crashes The App
    Coinbase Global, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, made its Super Bowl debut with a QR code ad so popular that it crashed the app and forced the company to throttle traffic to its site. One cyber expert says the company set a dangerous precedent.
  • AI Key To Making First-Party Data Work
    Artificial intelligence-powered marketing technologies communicate with consumers and know what they want long before marketers do.
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