• Amazon Gains Offline, Online Data Through Prime Memberships
    Another data war is emerging, centered on voice-activated conversation user interfaces that will drive data signals. This technology will have implications for strategies -- especially for Wal-Mart and Amazon, two early adopters.
  • ARF Focuses On Managing 21st-Century Data
    Paul Donato, recently appointed to ARF chief research officer to spearhead changes, will help focus on initiatives like managing twenty-first century data. The step focuses on moving the ARF back to its roots as an organization doing more research on key industry issues. Data being a key focus for at least the near term.
  • MetaX's Brook On Web 3.0 Ad Serving
    Not enough marketers pay attention to blockchain technology. They should. It will become the next advancement in fraud prevention while serving online advertisements. Companies such as Intel, Microsoft and MetaX are working on solutions.
  • NextRadio To Personalize Radio Ads In Cars
    Consumers will soon have an option to save an ad they hear on the radio with a push of a button on the steering wheel of their car. Paul Brenner, president at NextRadio, says the button will support a new type of personal, data-targeted advertisement in cars similar to those found while listening to ads on smartphones. It will require tons of data.
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