• MNTN, Index Exchange Find Diamond In CTV Through Performance
    "All our brands back into some sort of a return-on-ad-spend metric," says Spencer Weinman, MNTN head of publisher partnerships. About 600 brands run on Index Exchange, an independent ad exchange that spent the first half of 2022 building a CTV exchange and technology suite to support the media.
  • AdTheorent Unveils Privacy-Compliant Predictive Audiences For Healthcare Advertisers
    AdTheorent Health recently announced the launch of Predictive Audiences for the healthcare industry. It allows programmatic advertisers to target audiences in a more precise, data-driven and less opaque manner than previously possible.
  • Consumers Rethinking The Holidays - Here's What It Means For Advertising
    Brands and retailers need to understand what consumers consider non-negotiable, what they're willing to pay more for and what those with the highest purchasing power expect to prioritize. Another consideration, budgets for products and services will rise this year, but so has the prices to make the purchases.
  • NBTV Builds Out The Next Generation Of Streaming Media - From Golf To Cannabis
    NBTV built a network to responsibly promote and sell alcohol and will soon launch channels for golf and cannabis for health and wellness. Other areas could include sports betting, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.
  • OTT Is Fastest-Growing Media Segment For Local Advertising
    OTT spending is forecast to exceed $2 billion -- drawing strength from multiple business verticals, including political advertising. From 2022-2026, OTT will grow at a 14.3% compounded annual growth rate, second to digital TV owned-and-operated streaming and website advertisements sold by local broadcast stations.
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