• Programmatic Rekindling CPG, Consumer Relationships
    Brands are looking to comfort consumers, and that may be why several market categories are advertising more.
  • Programmatic Hit Bottom, Then Began To Climb In April: Analysis
    As COVID-19 cases rose, competition for programmatic bidders declined. A Goodway Group analysis suggests the market may have found its "temporary bottom" and begun to work its way up.
  • Why It Took COVID-19 To Change Data Use, Prompt Unlikely Partnerships, Acquisitions
    Last week, two data companies merged when Foursquare acquired Factual and Apple stepped up to work with Google on a project the companies believe could slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Former Apple, Gap, Intuit Analytics Guru Charged With Changing Amperity's Direction
    Analytics guru Chris Chapo refers to himself as a "design thinker," which reflects a problem-solving approach he learned while working at Apple.