• Talk To Me: Ad Industry Turns AI Strategies Conversational
    Verbal conversation with a machine to plan ad strategies will soon become common. The Brandtech Group is working on a generative AI tool that moves the ad industry more toward conversational media.
  • Swimming In Myths And Under Murky Waters In Programmatic CTV
    Is there an effective attribution model to support CTV? Lack of transparency into CTV attribution means performance advertisers wonder how much of the sales can be attributed to CTV ads alone.
  • The Rolling Stones Turn To DOOH In 'Angry' Video
    While the music and lyrics are sure to be dubbed "iconic," it's the images in the video of debut song "Angry" that should have the entire ad industry take notice. "Out-of-home is iconic, and icons themselves have always used the channel to reinforce their own status," says Leslie Lee, SVP marketing, Vistar Media."The video captures how integral OOH is to the environment, using the billboards to capture the essence of the iconic Sunset Strip."
  • Aditude Secures $15M Funding After Building 'Better Platform' For Publishers
    Aditude CEO Jared Siegal was a consultant acting as a middleman between publishers and ad-ops firms when he decided to build a better solution eliminating the confusion for publishers.
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