• Williams Sonoma Pushed The Boundaries Of Permission Marketing And Failed
    A simple data glitch is just the beginning as companies push the boundaries of permission-based marketing and customer match from companies like Adobe, Google, Bing and LiveRamp.
  • Three Pillars Of Western Union's Data Strategy
    Western Union's partnership with Safaricom enables cross-border money transfers for the company's mobile wallet users, who number approximately 28 million. More transactions mean more customer data.
  • OwnerIQ Hits 7,000 Data Deals In One Year
    OwnerIQ wants advertisers to have better access to consumer information and the ability to network with companies giving permission to share the data. The company has been working toward this since the launch of its CoEx platform in 2012.
  • Infutor Keeps Eye On Voice, Facial, Thumbprints As New Data Sources
    Voice and facial recognition and thumbprints are being considered as ways to collect opt-in information to build out audience segments for ad targeting.
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