• OOH Data Partnership Finds New Ways To Connect Online, Offline Campaigns
    Partnership helps marketers that buy media on digital billboards throughout the country to better understand what's driving more downloads of apps.
  • Data Estimates 40% Of All Media Spend Is Wasted -- How One Company Is Plugging The Holes
    Commerce Signals estimates 40% of all media spend is wasted, a number that comes from about 60 studies, said Tom Noyes, the company's founder and CEO.
  • Kantar And Pulse Labs Could Experiment With Measuring 'Share Of Sink'
    Brands are looking to measure "share of sink" as voice services are used more often in bathrooms. The metric will help brands understand how, when and why consumers use voice assistants.
  • Amobee Makes It Easier For Local CTV Advertisers To Buy, Measure Media
    The integration with more than 60 data providers and marketplaces gives advertisers access to more than 50,000 audience segments to create targeted campaigns for connected TV.
  • What Are 'Clean Rooms' -- And Why Do Amazon, Google, Facebook Want One?
    "Clean rooms" have become a way for brands and agencies to use data, and Amazon, Google and Facebook to ensure it's not shared with third parties.