• Conde Nast: Apple News+ Hasn't Taken Readers Away
    Conde Nast CEO Roger Lynch said the company hasn't seen Apple News+ cannibalize its paid readership, a key concern among many publishers whose magazines appear in its digital newsstand.
  • Hearst's Union Conflicts Expose Generational Rifts
    Hearst management doesn't appear likely to recognize the union voluntarily. It seeks to thwart employees' efforts by urging some workers to withdraw their support.
  • McClatchy Bankruptcy Would Likely Remove Pension Obligations
    Handing off its pension plan to the U.S. government may be the best way to save the company from total liquidation, although the company could sell some of its titles to raise money.
  • Proposed Debate Between FedEx CEO And 'NYT' Publisher Will Never Happen
    FedEx founder-CEO Fred Smith was so angered by a 'New York Times' report about the company's $0 tax bill that he challenged the newspaper's publisher to a public debate.
  • Gannett Faces A Daunting Challenge In Paying Off Debt, Growing Circ
    The combined company will owe $1.8 billion to private-equity firm Apollo Global Management, a tall order for a business with about $4.2 billion in annual revenue.
  • Will Apple's Planned Subscription Bundle Lift Its Digital Newsstand?
    By bundling its paid services, Apple would sweeten the value proposition for customers and possibly drive greater readership for publishers whose magazines are in Apple News+.
  • 'Politico' Founder Allbritton Plans Tech Website Amid Crowded Field
    There is more room for technology coverage that appeals to a broader audience. Many people have a limited understanding about technology and its profound effects.
  • Attacks On Campbell Brown Beg For More Facebook Transparency
    Facebook this week defended top news executive Campbell Brown after she was targeted in a published report that questioned her political biases.
  • Hearst Workers Vote To Unionize As 'WaPo' Addresses Pay Disparities
    The vote was significant, given Hearst's scale, which includes 24 print and online publications.
  • How Will Outlawing Filter Bubbles Affect Publishers?
    The idea behind the Filter Bubble Transparency Act is to liberate internet users from a vicious cycle of seeing more of the same content, based on what they viewed before.
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