• OpenX Founder Talks Unilever, Trust In Advertising
    This is the perfect storm moment to clean out the bad actors and rebuild long-term trust in digital advertising.
  • 'New York Times' Fires Opinion Writer Over Offensive Tweets
    'The New York Times' fired writer Quinn Norton the same day it announced her hiring, after the Twitterverse uncovered past tweets in which she used offensive slurs and referred to her friendships with neo-Nazis.
  • The Uncertain Fate Of Local Community News As Outlets Shutter
    What happens to a community when local newspapers shutter? Small print publications not only inform the public, they protect it.
  • Unilever Threatens To Pull Ads From Facebook, Google
    Last year, Unilever spent $9.4 billion on marketing-about a third of that on digital advertising-making it one of the medium's biggest advertisers. Facebook and Google alone take in 60% of all digital advertising - so they'd feel the burn.
  • Kremlin Has Deep Ties To Global Grassroots News Organization
    As the U.S. learned in the 2016 election, journalism can double as propaganda. It can be used to promote a regime's interests at home and abroad, silently and powerfully with the help of social media. Such is the suspected case with Redfish.
  • Google, Facebook Deal With Ongoing Fake News Fallout
    The powers teaming up to stop fake news in its tracks-which seems more theoretical than realistic-could alleviate the misuse of the platforms and search engines. However, is it really a positive development to have the most powerful tech companies also acting as gatekeepers of the spread of information?
  • 'Politico,' ICM Team For Cross-Platform Political Extensions
    By partnering with ICM, Politico hopes to build its name through collaborations with ICM partners, while also helping to continue the growth of the agency's first political department and further support the Women Rule initiative.
  • "#MeToo," Nonprofit Journalism Loom Large As ASME Finalists
    It has been a big year for political reporting and investigative pieces, which helped take down some of the biggest names across industries. And the nominations reflect those efforts.
  • 'The New York Times' Introduces Augmented-Reality Capabilities
    Last week, The New York Times introduced the latest in its rollout of digitally enhanced journalism: augmented reality delivered straight to your iPhone. The newspaper is slated to publish a story about the Winter Olympics, using AR.
  • Digital Pluses: Vox, Business Insider Finish 2017 Strong
    Two publishing sites celebrate a strong 2017, boasting strong upticks in revenue for 'BI' and audience growth for Vox Media.
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