• How Publishers Can Avoid Keyword Blocking
    Publishers face difficulties when media buyers block ads from appearing next to news that's in high demand, like pandemic reports.
  • Publishers Seek Relief On Postal Rates During COVID-19 Crisis
    The News Media Alliance asked the U.S. Postal Service to adopt measures to cut mailing costs amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Conde Nast Lifts Paywalls As Pandemic Keeps People Home
    The publishing giant's efforts include free access to its websites, special digital issues, email newsletters and articles that help to provide comfort and inspiration.
  • BPA Makes Needed Changes To Circulation Audits Amid Coronavirus
    Publishers now have the leeway to opt out of reporting "age of source" data that indicate how recently they acquired subscribers.
  • Digital News Subscriptions Grow During COVID-19 Crisis
    The start rate of digital subscriptions was 7.4% for the study period, outpacing the 4% rate of readers who stopped subscribing, resulting in a retention rate of about 96%, per a new study.
  • How Will Federal Stimulus Bill Help Publishers?
    Eligible businesses can use these loans for payroll, health care, mortgages and other debts -- and loan forgiveness is possible for companies that use the money to retain workers.
  • How Publishers Can Improve Their Content Marketing
    A painful crisis also can be a catalyst for innovation as publishers focus on potential areas for growth during the inevitable recovery.
  • Social News Consumers Least Likely To Read About COVID-19
    People who mostly depend on social media for news only make up 18% of the U.S. population, and they tend to be very misinformed about the pandemic.
  • Publishers Declared 'Essential' As Officials Order Business Closures
    News publishers in several states haven't been exempted from those state restrictions, leading press associations to demand that authorities clarify the rules.
  • Conde Nast's Call For 'Cautious Optimism' On COVID-19 Is Good Idea
    The executive memo included a list of positive headlines and news stories for other editors to consider.
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