• Meredith Sees 'Surprising' Rebound In Newsstand Sales, While Digital Shines
    'People' had its best quarter ever with web traffic rising 22%, while Allrecipes also saw record online visits.
  • Verizon's Technology Will Change BuzzFeed's Ad Products
    Verizon is looking for digital content that gives people a reason to sign up for 5G service.
  • Apple's Change To App Store Fees Should Help Smaller Publishers
    On Jan. 1, the company will cut the commission it charges from 30% to 15% for any business that makes no more than $1 million through the App Store.
  • Study: How 'COVID Effect' Drives Reader Willingness To Pay For News
    Some 30% of Americans said they're willing to pay for well-researched and reliable news after the pandemic.
  • How Will Publishers Monetize Their Content On Instagram?
    The growth in video advertising is enticing to social-media apps like Instagram and is likely to affect its collaborations with publishers.
  • Bob Guccione Jr. Returns To 'Spin' Magazine, 'Hungers For The Day' Of Social Media Attacks
    The new creative adviser just redesigned site with a cleaner layout for its 35th anniversary.
  • Decline Of Local Newspapers Affects House Elections
    Without local press, readers are less likely to be informed about candidates, such as those for the House of Representatives.
  • ESPN Ends Daily News Coverage Of Esports, But Who Cares?
    Esports viewership is growing -- but it hasn't translated into mainstream acceptance.
  • New York's Anti-SLAPP Law Is Victory For Publishers
    Gov. Cuomo signed legislation aimed at curbing frivolous lawsuits that wealthy plaintiffs use to silence critics.
  • What Does The 'Storeless' Economy Mean For Publishers?
    Publishers' websites and mobile apps will support deeper integrations with online retailers and brands seeking to sell products directly to consumers.
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