• Effete Home Alabama: 'Food & Wine' Heads South
    'Food & Wine,' the standard-bearer for fancy eats ever since the demise of Gourmet in 2009, is leaving New York City for new digs in Birmingham, Alabama. It will join sister food and lifestyle Time Inc. titles: 'Cooking Light,' 'Southern Living' and 'Coastal Living.'
  • 'WSJ' Fires Senior Correspondent Solomon Over Dealings With Source
    Jay Solomon, a veteran national security reporter for WSJ, was fired following revelations that he was either involved, or on his way to being involved, in behind-the-scenes deals with one of his contacts. Farhad Azima, a military-aviation mogul and arms dealer, is now under investigation in connection with a global corruption case.
  • Canadian News Orgs Hope For Government Bailout
    The U.S. and Canada seem alike -- until something happens that highlights the yawning chasm between the two countries. For example, when Canadian news publishers can seriously propose that the federal government should create a fund to help beleaguered news publishers make the rocky transition from print to digital media.
  • Fake News Hacks Fare Poorly On TV
    Between Breitbar'ts Alex Marlow appearance on HBO's 'Real Time' and Alex Jones appearance on MSNBC, the right-wing fake-news theorists came off looking like what they are: painfully irresponsible purveyors of lies.
  • Nice Price 'Vice': Hipster News Org Raises $450M To Fund Video Expansion
    According to CEO Shane Smith, the latest round of funding will go to building a huge library of video content targeting millennials, covering a range of topics, including news, food, music, fashion, art, travel, gaming, lifestyle, scripted and feature films.
  • Trade Press Lands Bombshell In Wake Of UK Fire
    In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the unsung editors and writers at 'Inside Housing,' a British trade magazine for the residential construction industry, find their reporting center stage in the national media.
  • D.C. Shooting Gives News Orgs A Chance To Refute Bias Charge
    In the 21st century, Americans are savvy news consumers, on the whole, and the rise of blogs and social media just makes it that much easier to detect and highlight distortions and omissions.
  • Facebook Makes It Easier To Blacklist Publishers
    The forthcoming offerings will enable advertisers to blacklist publisher sites at the account level. That should ensure their ads aren't associated with racist or extremist content, fake news, incitements to violence, or any other types of content they deem unacceptable.
  • Yes, Bad Adjacencies Hurt Brands
    Deeply risk-averse by nature, marketers and brand managers have long taken it for granted that allowing their advertising to appear next to offensive or disturbing content will have a negative impact on consumer perceptions - they are right.
  • 'LAT' To Publish Book: 'Our Dishonest President'
    Set to debut in both print and digital editions on July 4, the book will compile six editorials already published by the LAT over the last few months, penned by six different writers,
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