• Bezos, 'Enquirer' Drama Deepens, Girlfriend's Brother Sold Texts
    Behind the scenes, AMI executives squabbled over whether to publish the texts, leaked by Bezos' lover's brother, given worries about the company's financial condition.
  • French Journalists Seek To Stop Czech Billionaire From Controlling 'Le Monde'
    'Le Monde' journalists are working to prevent Daniel Kretinsky from taking control of the iconic publication, widely considered to be France's newspaper of record.
  • Study: Facebook Engagement Rises For Web Publishers
    Facebook engagement for publishers has bounced back strongly in early 2019. The bad news is the most engaging content is about inflammatory topics, like abortion and illegal immigration.
  • 'Epicurious' Job Posting Triggers Angry Tweetstorm
    David Tamarkin, digital director of Conde Nast's online food hub Epicurious, triggered the angry wrath of the Twitterverse after posting a tweet that announced a job opening.
  • Apple News Magazine Expected In March, Digital Newsstand To Use PDF Format
    Apple's digital newsstand will use a PDF format to make the layout of magazine pages consistent among different screen sizes. That suggests a more traditional reading experience, instead of "infinite scrolling" that's become more popular on smartphones, tablets and websites.
  • F+W Media Files For Chapter 11 Amid Ecommerce Fiasco
    F+W Media, the publisher of Writer's Digest, Popular Woodworking and other niche service titles, this week filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid falling subscriptions and ad revenue.
  • NPR Proves Strong Rival For Podcasting Publishers
    National Public Radio dominates the medium with an extensive lineup of popular shows. NPR is a formidable competitor for commercial publishers like 'BuzzFeed,' which closed its podcasting unit in September.
  • Bauer Debuts 'Crime Monthly' Glossy For Women
    The title seeks to build on the popularity of the true-crime genre as typified by the podcast "Serial" and Netflix's documentary "Making a Murderer."
  • University Of California Praised For Ending Elsevier Publishing Deal
    UC is the first major school university system to push for open-access publishing that makes research freely available to anyone in the world.
  • 'V' Turns Lady Gaga Into 'Couture Doll' For Latest Magazine Cover
    The magazine shows her in white-powdered face makeup while biting an electrified tube light. The cover marks the 25th time in the past 10 years that V has put Gaga on its front page.
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