• 'NYT' Suspends Thrush Over Harassment Claims
    The alleged misconduct tended to follow a pattern, with Thrush, 50, using his position and reputation to form ostensibly mentoring relationships with younger female reporters, typically in their early 20s, whom he then sexually harassed.
  • Celebrity Mags Mislead Readers On Fertility Chances
    Women's magazines that highlight "advanced maternal age" pregnancies, without mentioning the fact that many have used fertility treatments, are doing their readers a disservice.
  • Ziff Davis Close To Buying 'Mashable'
    An acquisition by Ziff Davis would give Mashable access to more resources as it continues to negotiate its pivot to video, an often rocky transition that has the entire online publishing world scrambling.
  • Moore Threatens To Sue Alabama Media, Too
    Roy Moore has attacked the publisher for reporting allegations of sexual misconduct. He claims the publisher is motivated by political consideration and a desire to profit from the "mob mentality."
  • Study: Small Publishers Register Big Effects
    The study set out to quantify the impact of news media on public life by tracking the volume and quality of sentiment on social media. To help control for audience exposure, the researchers collaborated with an alliance of independent news outlets.
  • Moore Vows To Sue 'WaPo' Over Statutory Rape Report
    The two-time former Alabama supreme court judge adamantly denies the 'WaPo' charges, dismissing the report as "fake news."
  • 'Rolling Stone' Founder Wenner Accused Of Harassment
    A 39-year-old writer, Ben Ryan, claims Wenner offered him a contract for multiple articles and "preferential treatment" if the younger man would have sex with him.
  • 'Forbes' Boots Wilbur Ross From Rich List
    Wilbur Ross, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, had a personal fortune estimated, until recently, at a respectable $2.9 billion. It turns out to have been less than $700 million. And also, a pack of lies.
  • Time Inc. Plans 'People Chica,' Bows Latino Platform
    Time Inc. Latino is a digital network spanning all Time Inc.'s brands, including the entertainment title 'People en Espanol,' as well as a number of forthcoming launches set for 2018, such as 'People Chica,' a title for young women, and Planeta Futbol, a soccer channel on the 'Sports Illustrated' site.
  • PubMatic Offers Ad Fraud Guarantee
    PubMatic, which operates a sell-side platform for digital publishers, is putting some skin in the game to woo advertisers, with a money-back guarantee for any fraudulent impressions.
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