• Consumers Spend Less Time With Ad-Supported Media, Publishers Will Feel Impact
    However, the share of time with ad-supported media fell to less than 45%, a low point in data going back almost 20 years. The decline is largely attributable to users streaming more SVODs.
  • Supreme Court Must Repeal Newspaper-Broadcast Ownership Ban
    The lawsuit, "Federal Communications Commission v. Prometheus Radio Project," centers on the agency's move in 2017 to relax rules on broadcaster ownership.
  • Email Underpins Publisher Efforts To Collect First-Party Data
    First-party data has become more valuable for publishers and advertisers as consumers grow more wary about privacy.
  • 'Axios' Shows How Publishers Are Testing New Revenue Sources
    The publisher will launch a software-as-a-service platform called AxiosHQ to help companies with their internal communications.
  • How Much Did Brands Support Election Misinformation?
    P&B, Walmart, Disney and American Express were among the more than 1,600 brands that ran ads on websites , flagged for "publishing falsehoods and conspiracy theories about the election."
  • Is Twitter A Cautionary Tale On Post-Trump Slump?
    The predicted slump in Twitter's business is analogous to the idea that media outlets will lose their "cash cow" when Trump's presidency isn't the center of attention.
  • News On Social Media Isn't Helping To Stop Misinformation
    Many Americans said news on social media was less likely to help them understand current events than in the past, according to Pew Research.
  • How Much Should Publishers Worry About Digital Bans?
    The tech threat against publishers is more economic than political, making antitrust concerns more important.
  • James Bennet Resurfaces At 'Politico' Months After 'NYT' Departure
    His return in 'Politico' last week came amid debates over how to respond to another violent flare-up: the Capitol Hill riot.
  • Capitol Hill Riot Highlights More Media Blind Spots
    The media covered President Trump's erratic behavior post-election, but not enough on the potentially deadly outcomes of his pursuits.
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