• Poll Shows Free Trial Best Way To Convert Visitors To Subscribers
    'Time' magazine offers gift subscriptions, free issues of the magazine and annual subscription discounts to retain its audience. It's considered a successful retention model.
  • 'The Boston Globe' Site Hits 100,000 Subscribers
    A hefty digital subscription network can be the saving grace for a struggling publisher and that's what The Boston Globe has hoped to grow over the past few years.
  • 'Redbook' to End Print Edition in 2019, Hearst Overhauls Top Editors
    'Redbook' will become a digital-only brand in 2019. The transition comes as Hearst adopts a digital future. Also, top editors at 'Cosmo,' 'House Beautiful' and 'Seventeen' have been replaced.
  • 'Forbes' Tries Blockchain, Partners With Civil
    Forbes is teaming up with Civil to distribute a portion of its content to the Civil network. That same content will also continue to be published on the business publisher's site.
  • 'New York Time's Metro Section To Focus on Digital, Offers Buyouts
    The new editor of Metro wants the section to include coverage that transcends print's investigative dives. He wants to publish "a lyrical feature that goes viral on social platforms. A political scoop that has everyone talking. Spirited coverage of breaking news that brings in new readers through search."
  • 'Tastemade' Partners With Subway To Offer New Advertising Options
    'Tastemade' is currently helping Subway to develop and market new sandwiches inspired by consumer trends the digital video publisher uncovered.
  • iHeartMedia To Invest $10 Million In 'High Times'
    iHeartMedia gains footing in publishing, without becoming an outlet. 'High Times' will be able to reach consumers through the radio network, connecting with an audience scale it could never tap itself.
  • Hearst: Future Of Print Is Digital
    Troy Young, Hearst Magazines president, wants the company to reach a "point where the editor will by necessity be comfortable in documenting the world with video," mostly to attract advertisers.
  • 'LA Times' Opens Singapore Bureau, Reopens Seoul Operations
    Since buying the "Los Angeles Times" earlier this year, new billionaire owner Patrick Soon-Shiong has been bulking up the paper's staff.
  • 'HuffPost' Debuts Revamped Lifestyle Vertical, Davler's 'City Guide' Adds Brooklyn Section
    HuffPost has unveiled a redesigned lifestyle section called HuffPost Life, with a new editorial mission to give a “no-B.S. guide to modern life.” “Lifestyle sites tend to suck,” HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen wrote in a post about the new site. “They can make you feel terrible about yourself, telling you that you are too fat, not rich enough and not cool enough. They tell you that the key to happiness is buying more stuff you don’t need and can’t afford. They traffic in telling people ...
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