• RhythmOne Drives Strong Revenue For Publishers, Aided By Traffic Technology
    According to a Google study, RhythmOne's match rate comes in at a whopping 80%, making it one of the highest rates among bidding exchange partners.
  • Despite Efforts, Study Shows Facebook Still Failing Local News
    A Tow Center survey found that 11 pubs out of 13 in metro areas have consistently seen a drop in traffic between January 1 and April 1 of 2018, indicating how outlets are faring nine weeks after the algorithm change.
  • 'Tampa Bay Times' Layoffs Blamed On Newsprint Tariff
    Many in the newspaper industry worried what the tariffs on Canadian newsprint might mean for business. Now, following the introduction of the tariff, the first newspaper casualties are happening.
  • RockYou Media Relaunches 'LittleThings' Site
    LittleThings had nearly 60 million comScore unique viewers, including 7 million millennials, at its height and more than 24 million social-media followers before shuttering. Earlier this week, digital media company RockYou announced it had acquired LittleThings, effectively bringing it back to life.
  • Telaria Is First Video Monetization Platform To Be 100% Ads.txt Compliant
    More than 50% of the advertising execs surveyed said the use of ads.txt makes them feel more comfortable with buying programmatic advertising from a publisher, and almost 50% are suspicious of publications that don't use it.
  • Music Brand 'Genius' Names New CRO, Plans Deeper Brand Expansion
    RapGenius.com We see branded/sponsored video content as the fastest-growing revenue. It also sees tremendous value in experiential programs.
  • Clarification: 'Berkeleyside' Revenue Streams And DPO
    The news site continued to build its membership and live events programs, alongside the DPO. It used only part of the $1 million raised, and has not invested all of the capital to date.
  • Digital Media Vet Jim Heckman Tries To Recruit Publishers For Maven Platform
    As more publishers report revenue fallout following Facebook's increasingly volatile feed (particularly for publishers), media arenas are on the hunt for alternatives.
  • 'Berkeleyside' Raises $1M From Readers In Direct Public Offering
    To date, the DPO money has allowed 'Berkeleyside' to hire an additional reporter, make its site mobile friendly and expand its events and membership programs.
  • Hearst Diversifies Revenue With Fitch Group Acquisition
    Hearst announced that it had completely acquired the global financial information services company from parent Fimalac S.A., making Fitch Group Hearst's largest wholly-owned business. Hearst is committed to diversifying its revenue streams and looking beyond the typical areas of expansion and investment.
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