• How You Sell Is More Important Than What Gets Bought
    In sales, "ABC" stands for "Always be closing" and is a motto managers have been trained to tattoo on the minds of their sales force. But for many publishers spending time with this column, their sales force is also their public relations and marketing team wrapped into one. So it is imperative that the collective sales communication generated, both written and oral, leave a visible footprint in the hallways of agencies and advertisers regardless if a sale is made, and long after the salesperson has left the building.
  • Daisy Chains: The Chains That Bind
    Publishers use "daisy chaining" as a key part of their remnant inventory strategy. Daisy chaining is the process of redirecting ad calls among network partners in an effort to monetize a publisher's entire pool of ad inventory. While it is accepted as a "best practice," in actuality, daisy chaining makes inventory management less efficient and creates real issues for publishers.
  • White Light
    Online ad buys have so many moving parts there are bound to be "misunderstandings" and/or revised needs by the time the buy gets posted. The fluid nature of our business can turn closed buys into battles very quickly, as publishers find themselves faced with proposed promises they are not in a position to keep, or unforeseen client needs not articulated when the deal was put together....
  • What's The Call-in Number?
    As an immature manager, I used to get outwardly irritated every time a member of my sales team asked "What's the call-in number?" prior to our weekly conference call. The number was always the same, and I expected it tattooed -- so why the fire drill every week?
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