• 10 Elephants In The Room
    It's a perilous time for premium publishers, as many continue to forge new ground that tramples their own value and credibility. As we stand poised to enter Q4 2013, here are some elephants I can see in publishing conference rooms -- along with a giant one roaming around our collective conscious.
  • Leveraging Your Best Data To Drive Ad Sales
    If you're an online publisher, chances are you're inundated with data from a myriad of sources. You've got tons of data about your audience, data about your accumulated content, data about your ad inventory, data about mobile, tablet and desktop performance -- and, of course, data about your data. Data by itself is just data. The magic happens through analysis of that data and the resulting insights. By leveraging and accurately analyzing all this seemingly incongruous data, publishers more often than not can drive additional ad sales and revenue.
  • Top News Sites Exemplify Successful Website Design
    Better website design leads to superior results. More people are inclined to use a well-presented site, the customer experience improves, sales go up, and ultimately revenues increase. But what goes into making a great site? A look at three top news sites reveals some simple usability practices and design guidelines that can be easily applied to a wide range of websites.
  • What Publishers Can Learn From 'NY Times' Site Redesign
    Question: When was the last time you actually typed in a URL in your quest to find online content? Can't remember? That's because how we source, discover and navigate to online content has changed dramatically in the last five to seven years. Our social streams, newsfeeds, +1s, Liked articles, related content widgets and more offer us an endless stream of recommended content and "other articles you may like."
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