• 'The City' Launches, Hopes to Reignite Local Community Engagement
    'The City' will cover important civic topics like transportation, housing and real estate, climate change, healthcare, immigrant New Yorkers and criminal justice.
  • Study: Readers Distrust Sites That Use Content Recommendation Widgets
    Publishers could be harming their reputations and relationships with readers when they opt for the short-term cash widgets can bring.
  • After Bumpy Start, Civil Offers Tokens For Cash
    Money attained from tokens supports the Civil Foundation, the not-for-profit entity that supplies grants to news organizations.
  • USA Today Launches 'The City' Podcast With AR Component
    On its first day live, "The City" was featured in Apple Podcasts' "New and Noteworthy" listing. The podcast examines how power and corruption impact urban landscapes.
  • American Society Of News Editors Reports Dismal Response To Diversity Survey
    Only 234 out of nearly 1,700 newspapers and digital media outlets responded to ASNE's survey. To ensure participation, the deadline has been extended to October 12.
  • Taboola, Ad Lightning Help Publishers, Advertisers With Post-GDPR Features
    After announcing its plans months ago, Facebook cut off third-party data to advertisers this week, leaving advertisers strategizing how to gather information about their target audiences going forward.
  • Study: Magazine Sites' Video, Mobile Audiences Soared in July
    As video and mobile audiences increase, so does advertising spending, making precise calculations of audience numbers all the more important to a company's survival in today's market place.
  • Revcontent Spinoff Powr Launches With Video Monetization Services
    The proprietary video player matches publishers' articles with video from 400+ content creators on Powr.com, allowing creators and publishers to monetize through pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads.
  • Lenfest Institute, Knight Foundation Give $20 Million To Support Local News
    The two Philadelphia-based, nonprofits are each putting $10 million into the joint fund, hoping to lift the country's endangered metro newspapers.
  • Snapchat Partners With 25 Media Companies, Leverages Users' Content
    Snapchat's new media partners will publish "daily editorial units" not governed by length or format. The twist: This content will be mixed with original material generated by users selected from millions of active accounts internationally.
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