• Reboot -- Woe The Digital Sale: How To Talk To Your Customers' Clients
    Question from a buyer: My client complains that when they meet with a salesperson, they feel like their business isn't understood and it's a waste of time. What do salespeople think the benefits of these meetings are -- and why can't they be more impressive?
  • Parting Advice
    While living in San Francisco during the first dot-com boom, the success I enjoyed in business during this economic exclamation point was balanced by personal struggles. Everything has a way of evening out, you know.
  • How To Think And Act Like A Brand
    Publishers need to think of themselves as a brand in order to attract the top-quality marketers who are interested in working with the most influential publishers to deliver their message -- from standard IAB-sized media buys to more creative, conversational campaigns.
  • An Important Competitive Issue For Publishers
    A study from comScore gives new perspective to the old saying from John Wanamaker that "I know half of my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half." Now we know it's a third that is wasted, not half, and it is wasted on the ad networks.
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