• What Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz and Facebook Can Tell Us About Engagement
    Did you see the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress presentations at the Oscars? This year they tried a new format in which five former winners take the stage and each in turn speaks to one of the nominees. More than their male counterparts, the women winners spoke from the heart. And in almost every case the nominated actress seemed genuinely affected by her peer's personally and intimately expressed admiration. A hundred million of us were eavesdropping on these tender moments. In a way Facebook is like that, I am discovering. And it is leading the way to deep connections …
  • Q&A With Guy Kawasaki
    "I'm kind of a big deal." Those are the immortal words of the legendary Ron Burgundy as he introduces himself to lovely Veronica Corningstone in the movie "Anchorman." As an accomplished newscaster, pseudo-celebrity and owner of many leather-bound books, Mr. Burgundy carries himself with an air of confidence and arrogance that allows him to approach anyone he chooses with an expectation of their immediate acknowledgment of his awesomeness. While I'm no Ron Burgundy (although I do own one leather-bound book), I put on my press hat last week to conduct an interview with Kawasaki, Alltop.com 's co-founder and managing director …
  • Have You Ever Looked Death In The Eye?
    Everybody is sick of bad news. Unfortunately, bad news is only the start of the problem. The really scary part is that every major crisis brings the nutcases, freaks, whack jobs, and the merely uninformed bubbling to the surface. They stand ready to give their misguided opinions on how we got into this mess, and then quickly shift focus on who or what to blame.We all need to stand up and refuse to be scared.
  • 'Where's The Chase, And How Do I Cut To It?'
    Here is what online publishers (of any size) can do to sell more display advertising than those they compete with. First, eliminate all ad unit placements below the fold -- or keep them, but use them strictly for bonus impressions to drive down the effective CPMs of deals you are trying to close. The bottom of the page view is garbage in the eyes of those who buy your inventory, so why ask your sellers to sell it? Just dump it.
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