• 'Axios' Returns Small-Business Loan For Pandemic Relief
    Digital publisher Axios is returning a taxpayer-backed loan amid growing public outcry. The publication has backers that include billionaires and venture-capital firms.
  • 'FT' Reporter Probe Will Test Code Of Conduct
    'The Financial Times' suspended a reporter while it investigates accusations that he listened to private video calls at two rival British newspapers.
  • Nunes Suit Against 'Esquire' Should Be Dismissed
    An attorney representing writer Ryan Lizza and Hearst argued in a hearing that the article wasn't defamatory and that public officials like Rep. Nunes should expect the press to look into their activities.
  • Google, Facebook Earnings May Offer Insight Into Digital Ad Market
    Since they are among the top 10 companies that capture 76% of the digital ad market, they will be the first to experience sudden changes in media spending.
  • Publishers See More Signs Of Coronavirus Fatigue
    Readers are still interested in COVID-19 stories, but they are looking for a break from the stress.
  • Are Coronavirus Bailouts Working For Publishers?
    A federal bailout program to help companies avoid job cuts during the coronavirus pandemic is in the early stages - with mixed results.
  • What Procter & Gamble's Surging Sales Mean For Publishers
    P&G saw a 10% jump in U.S. sales during its March quarter - the highest growth in decades for a company started in 1837. Every crisis creates opportunities that are important for publishers to identify, and shift their sales strategies.
  • How Will Australia Force Facebook, Google To Pay For News?
    One of the most baffling aspects of any such regulation is assigning a value to publisher content that appears on Facebook or Google. Neither platform really needs it to survive.
  • Coronavirus Fatigue Signals Need For Fresh Strategies
    As readers lose interest in coronavirus stories, publishers have a chance to showcase a broader variety of their content offerings.
  • Why Advertisers Shouldn't Dismiss COVID-19 News
    Overall, 68% of news content on any given day is free from negative coronavirus association, according to Peer39.
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