• California's 35-Story Limit For Freelancers Is Punitive
    The law prevents publishers from assigning more than 35 stories a year to a single freelance writer. Doing so would be considered a crime, exposing the publisher to all kinds of legal headaches.
  • Vox Media, New York Media Staffers Should Brace For Job Cuts
    'The Wall Street Journal' reported New York Media, which publishes 'New York' and websites such as 'Grub Street' and 'Vulture,' lost $15 million in 2018 and was valued at $105 million in the deal with Vox.
  • Will Arc Publishing Become More Valuable Than 'The Washington Post'?
    Arc Publishing licensed its technology to a company outside of the media industry: energy giant BP. The deal may be an early indication of its highly profitable potential.
  • 'InStyle' Pilots AR Try-Ons For Beauty Advertisers
    'InStyle' tested the feature in its June issue, letting readers scan quick-response (QR) codes in its print or digital editions with a mobile phone to activate the virtual try-on.
  • 'Statesboro Herald' Cuts Print Run To 3 Days
    In October, a local newspaper covering a region in southeastern Georgia will cut back from publishing six days a week to three. Part of the change reflects the difficulty in finding people to deliver the newspaper to people's homes.
  • 'Inc.' Cover Features First Pregnant CEO, While 'Forbes' Neglects Women Innovators
    Audrey Gelman, cofounder-CEO of The Wing, appears on Inc.'s October cover cradling her baby bump. The story profiles Gelman's fast-growing startup that provides co-working spaces for women.
  • Will Google's Revised News Algorithm Quell Antitrust Critics?
    Google's effort to give original reporting a higher ranking on its news page may appease some publishers, but is less likely to quell criticism from politicians.
  • 'BuzzFeed' Seeks New President Amid Operations Overhaul
    The digital publisher will hire a president amid a reorganization that aims to strengthen collaboration among its advertising and ecommerce businesses.
  • 'New York Times' Arms Critics With Bungled Kavanaugh Report
    The newspaper undermined a bombshell report about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's alleged sexual misconduct by burying the story on its op-ed page, omitting key information and highlighting the piece with a brazenly offensive tweet.
  • Study: Local News On Facebook Mirrors Coverage Of Media Outlets
    Researchers found "social-media news consumers have an appetite for the more substantial varieties of local news."
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