• Is Your Business Wired For Success?
    This column is the first of a three-part series we're calling "Three simple steps publishers must take to succeed selling online." I wanted to name it "the three steps most publishers have failed to take seriously" but that would be negative--which is how I feel when I speak to salespeople whose struggles can be directly traced to the missteps of their own company.
  • Trends In User Behavior: A View from the Trenches
    As a longtime "Law and Order" fan, I greatly appreciate the fact that reruns of my favorite show (and its subsequent spin-offs) are shown on cable almost every hour of every day. There's something reassuring about the fact that, should one wake in the middle of the night, Sam Waterston and Jerry Orbach are but a click away, making New York (and, of course, the world) a safer place for all of us. This resonates with me, for, as a champion of user rights, I see myself as a sort of purveyor of Web justice, fighting to ensure that the …
  • If Content Is King, Who Is King Kong?
    Over the past 12 months I have heard executives from NBC, Fox, ABC and CBS speaking at events about their online media strategies, and they have all struck a similar pose: Content is king. It's not unlikely that big media companies espouse this position, in unison: what they all do have, in spades, is content. What's unlikely is that it's finally true.
  • 'So Now What?'
    A student posed this question during a recent seminar I conducted. We had spent the day covering the range of ingredients needed to cook up an online ad deal. As we wrapped up, he asked, "So after I sell a deal, now what happens?"
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