• 'The Atlantic' Honors MLK Jr.'s Legacy With Memorial Issue
    To commemorate the half a century since Martin Luther King's death, 'The Atlantic' has published a special issue called KING, filled with original and archived material that speak to his legacy today.
  • Adtaxi's Chris Loretto Discusses Potential Benefits Of Google's Chrome Ad Blocker
    There are changes publishers need to address to ensure we are thinking about the longer-term implications of site management. Reducing ads that create friction with our users makes logical sense in reducing the need to leverage ad blockers.
  • 3 Local Radio Stations To Resurrect 'Gothamist'
    Three public radio stations, WNYC in New York, WAMU in Washington, D.C. and KPCC in Los Angeles, will each bring back the 'Gothamist' site connected to their respective cities.
  • Google AMP Driving Traffic For Publishers
    Publishers are seeing referral traffic come from Google AMP more than any other platform. In fact, during the week of February 8, 2018, publishers saw 801 million weekly page views from AMP-enabled pages, and only 290 million from pages not supported by AMP.
  • Navigating a Treacherous Landscape, 'The Atlantic' Announces Major Expansions
    To aid in the expected growth editorially and on the business side in the coming year, The Atlantic is adding as many as 100 new staff members to the company, with nearly half going to editorial, marking a 30% growth.
  • The Damage of AMI's Dirty Deals
    Journalists would perform a public service by investigating how tabloid deals are produced, unmasking the individuals behind powerful media companies that are able to destroy or control a life with one bombshell story.
  • Google's Chrome Ad Filter Has Hidden Power
    Google is serious about eliminating annoying ads, hoping a clean-up will encourage Chrome users not to employ ad blockers. The punishment for sites that fail to uphold its standards will get their ads blocked.
  • 'NYT' CEO Gives Its Print Edition 10 Years
    "Our plan is to go on serving our loyal print subscribers as long as we can. But meanwhile, to build up the digital business, so that we have a successful growing company and a successful news operation long after print is gone," says CEO Mark Thompson.
  • OpenX Founder Talks Unilever, Trust In Advertising
    This is the perfect storm moment to clean out the bad actors and rebuild long-term trust in digital advertising.
  • 'New York Times' Fires Opinion Writer Over Offensive Tweets
    'The New York Times' fired writer Quinn Norton the same day it announced her hiring, after the Twitterverse uncovered past tweets in which she used offensive slurs and referred to her friendships with neo-Nazis.
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