• Ruth Reichl's Memoir Recalls Golden Age Of 'Gourmet'
    For those who want to recall the golden age of glossy magazines - when editors had more sway than reality-TV stars and Instagram influencers - consider "Save Me The Plums."
  • TPG Capital Is Latest Bidder For 'Sports Illustrated'
    The sports magazine best known for its swimsuit issue has been on the block since last year. Meredith originally sought $150 million for 'SI' and has held firm on that asking price.
  • Apple News+ Shows Promise For Publishers
    One of the most compelling parts of Apple's publishing platform is its Apple News Format, which gives publishers greater flexibility in how they present their content and advertising.
  • Media Reacts To Barr's Mueller Report Summary, Trump To 'Slam and Shame' Critics
    On Sunday, AG William Barr delivered to Congress a filtered four-page summary of "principal conclusions" from Robert Mueller's two-year investigation. No word yet on when the full findings will be released.
  • 'Time' Writer Spurs Twitter Backlash With AOC Profile
    Writer Charlotte Alter's tweet noted how she and Ocasio-Cortez were born in the same year and claimed that millennials are embracing democratic socialism because they've "never experienced American prosperity."
  • Rogers Media Sells Remaining Print Titles, Including 'Maclean's,' To St. Joseph
    Rogers began to scale back its print magazine business in 2016, while focusing on sports content, including its ownership of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.
  • 'New York Times' Cuts Back On Apple News Stories
    Mark Thompson, the CEO of the newspaper's parent company, deserves high marks for pushing back against tech giants that don't add any value in the production and distribution of editorial content.
  • Bezos, 'Enquirer' Drama Deepens, Girlfriend's Brother Sold Texts
    Behind the scenes, AMI executives squabbled over whether to publish the texts, leaked by Bezos' lover's brother, given worries about the company's financial condition.
  • French Journalists Seek To Stop Czech Billionaire From Controlling 'Le Monde'
    'Le Monde' journalists are working to prevent Daniel Kretinsky from taking control of the iconic publication, widely considered to be France's newspaper of record.
  • Study: Facebook Engagement Rises For Web Publishers
    Facebook engagement for publishers has bounced back strongly in early 2019. The bad news is the most engaging content is about inflammatory topics, like abortion and illegal immigration.
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