• 'Epicurious' Job Posting Triggers Angry Tweetstorm
    David Tamarkin, digital director of Conde Nast's online food hub Epicurious, triggered the angry wrath of the Twitterverse after posting a tweet that announced a job opening.
  • Apple News Magazine Expected In March, Digital Newsstand To Use PDF Format
    Apple's digital newsstand will use a PDF format to make the layout of magazine pages consistent among different screen sizes. That suggests a more traditional reading experience, instead of "infinite scrolling" that's become more popular on smartphones, tablets and websites.
  • F+W Media Files For Chapter 11 Amid Ecommerce Fiasco
    F+W Media, the publisher of Writer's Digest, Popular Woodworking and other niche service titles, this week filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid falling subscriptions and ad revenue.
  • NPR Proves Strong Rival For Podcasting Publishers
    National Public Radio dominates the medium with an extensive lineup of popular shows. NPR is a formidable competitor for commercial publishers like 'BuzzFeed,' which closed its podcasting unit in September.
  • Bauer Debuts 'Crime Monthly' Glossy For Women
    The title seeks to build on the popularity of the true-crime genre as typified by the podcast "Serial" and Netflix's documentary "Making a Murderer."
  • University Of California Praised For Ending Elsevier Publishing Deal
    UC is the first major school university system to push for open-access publishing that makes research freely available to anyone in the world.
  • 'V' Turns Lady Gaga Into 'Couture Doll' For Latest Magazine Cover
    The magazine shows her in white-powdered face makeup while biting an electrified tube light. The cover marks the 25th time in the past 10 years that V has put Gaga on its front page.
  • AT&T Revamps Time Warner, Faces Digital Challenges
    AT&T announced a plan to break up its Turner unit into parts that other divisions will absorb.
  • YouTube, Gab Stir Latest Debate About Reader Comments
    While traditional publishers have editors to maintain standards, younger platforms like Facebook and YouTube, with vast troves of user-generated content, have struggled to prevent objectionable posts from pedophiles, terrorists and hate groups.
  • Bon Appetit's Streaming Channel Goes Live On OTT Devices
    'Bon Appetit' can showcase its own over-the-top channel for media buyers instead of pointing out a bunch of shows on its YouTube channel.
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