• Instagram's Test Of Revenue Sharing Opens Door For Monetized Content
    Publishers have complained that digital advertising giants, such as Facebook and Google, don't adequately compensate them for content.
  • Denmark's Publishers Seek New Ways For Tech Giants To Pay For Content
    The Danish plan is based on a controversial European Union copyright directive that lets news publishers claim revenues for online use of their material.
  • Microsoft's Windows Adds Tipping Feature To Help Monetize Content
    The system comes as more digital platforms develop ways for creators -- whether they're journalists, yoga instructors or video game experts -- to monetize their content.
  • Google's Delay On Cookie Removal Offers Limited Reprieve For Publishers
    Publishers can be forgiven if they're suspicious of Google's proclaimed support for the publishing industry.
  • More Americans Pay For Online News, But Spend Most On National News
    The common characteristic among top publications: Their paywalls work to bring readers into the purchase funnel.
  • 'Wall Street Journal' Campaign Marks Return To Experiential Marketing After Pandemic
    The experiential and outdoor campaigns are notable as more advertisers aim to reach consumers emerging from their isolated existences.
  • Tax Credits To Pay For News Has Greater Promise Than Journalism Protection Bill
    Because the newspapers and journalists would have to be focused on local news to qualify for the credits, smaller publications would benefit, too.
  • Newspaper Ad Spending Extends Recovery, Magazines Lag
    Newspapers saw ad spending rise 10% in April and 8% in May.
  • 'Wall Street Journal' Pullback From NYC Coverage May Magnify 'News Desert'
    The world's media capital isn't immune to the problems facing local news outlets.
  • Media Companies Resume Hiring Plans After Steep Cuts
    The steep drop in job cuts and the pickup in hiring plans offer a mixed view of the outlook. Ad spending is expected to roar back this year, but mostly in digital.
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