• Online Publishers' 2007 To-Do List
    2006 was undoubtedly online publishing's breakout season. 2007 promises to be even bigger for the industry, but not necessarily for each individual publisher. In an attractive market, new competitors are constantly, well, attracted. But like yourself, they're probably taking a break next week. So go and enjoy your holidays, and spend some time thinking about how you'll approach 2007 differently from 2006 in order to stay a step or two ahead.
  • Step Three: What's Your Story?
    If you sell media, you are a good storyteller. You have to be--because so much of what you communicate to buyers contains both interpretations and generalizations you create about the audience your property delivers.
  • Step Two: Going Back to School
    If you were asked to describe the first memory that comes up from grade school, what would it be? Does your memory of grade school have a chalkboard in the picture? A blackboard, as it is often called even when green, and the chalk used to write on it, is a common thread for all of us. It's how we all learned to learn.
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