• 'Winners Will Do What Losers Won't'
    So I finally saw "Million Dollar Baby" on-demand. It is a very tough movie about a tender-hearted guy who has to make the ultimate tough decision. And it's about his protégé who knows what she wants, and is willing to do what it takes to get it. In one of the early scenes, the aspiring boxer is working out; and behind her on the wall is a sign that reads "Winners will do what Losers won't." It's a clear and strong statement about the fearfully competitive world of boxing. It is also a notice that most certainly applies to the …
  • Carrying A Bag
    You don't need to explain how to build an engine in order to sell lots of cars or how to grow coffee beans to charge a lot for a latte. And you don't need a Ph.D. in ad targeting technologies to sell media programs that alleviate client problems. Selling media isn't that complicated.
  • iDiots' Guide To Publishing On The iPad
    f you don't know how to leverage a technology platform, don't blame the platform. Print publishers are screwing up what could be their biggest opportunity. Many continue to botch their Web strategy, and are now doubling down by getting their iPad strategy completely wrong.The core of the problem lies in how publishers think about the iPad. Just look at the headlines: "Will the iPad save print?" asks one; "Savior crucified" proclaims another. These headlines make two huge assumptions, both of which are totally wrong.
  • What Matters Most To Increase Ad Sales?
    Should I write about apps? About behavioral targeting? Ad networks and privacy? Should I write about pay walls? New device form factors? Should I write about new content display software platforms? About content distribution? Net neutrality? None of these things are as important, nor as difficult, for the vast bulk of publishers, as sales. For most publishers, sales aren't growing fast enough. Publishers are challenged by how to push or pull their salespeople to become more effective -- and, in particular, how to get out from behind the "RFP cycle."
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