• Woe The Digital Sale: Dealing With Corporate Buying Mandates
    From a seller of digital advertising:A friend of mine who is a media director at one of the large digital agencies told me earlier in the week that corporate has mandated they utilize their buying desk. A media plan that had been put together and approved by the agency's client was partially scrapped (and with it my part of the plan). This would seem to put the needs of the agency in front of the needs of the client. Is this what is happening in the wider agency-client world? If so, aren't media teams hampered by corporate mandates such …
  • Killing Your Print Business Starves Your Brand
    "News you can use" is no more. In case you haven't heard, U.S. News & World Report, the former weekly magazine that rode this tagline into media departments with flair and confidence after Mort Zuckerman purchased it in 1984, has suspended its magazine business except for a few planned one-offs throughout the year. The company will rely solely on its Web site to drive revenue moving forward. Its press release read like a suicide note.
  • There Is Nothing Rich About Rich Media
    I am embarrassed and angry about the rich-media industry (but mostly just angry). For the last five years, rich-media vendors have been using Adobe Flash, and more recently HTML5, to irritate, frustrate, disrupt, distract, annoy, and torment the general public. Using invasive rich media ads to capture a consumer's attention is like trying to save a man dying of thirst by drowning him in water.
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