• Online Video Has No Character
    What's your favorite show online? What character from an online show would you love to meet in real life. Beyond repurposed television content and a talking orange no one will be talking about a year from now, there are no "characters" that viewers care about online. So much of the online video content out there is so easily forgettable. So in swoop the "video networks" to hype online video's value when there is very little to speak of.
  • Take Your Privacy And Shove It
    Will the Web break if we stop invading the privacy of our users? This is the lame argument that has been made repeatedly by executives at industry associations. We keep getting this idea jammed down our throats without any credible data to support it. Nothing is more annoying than the use of repetition to attempt to get a dumb argument to stick.
  • Now Things Get Complicated
    When the hype around Apple iPad subsides, and the top apps have been reviewed, the big question staring the Internet publishing industry in the face will become apparent: How do we profitably reach the people who don't have an iPad?
  • Woe The Digital Sale: A Jack-@$% by Any Other Name
    I'm a seller for a network. Recently, I ran into an industry colleague who, after asking me what my "title" is, insinuated that he is doing better than I am because he is a "director," while I am merely a "manager." We really do essentially the same job. Do titles matter these days? I didn't think so, but maybe I'm naive. Do people really care what my business card says?
  • The Most Broken Medium Of Them All
    I love music and hate the radio. How did those driving the medium let this happen? Save your breath blowing numbers announcing radio is fine. The cleaner a break, the easier to see -- and radio has suffered a clear compound fracture.
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