• John Oliver's Sponsored Content Stunt Should Resonate With Publishers
    Any publisher that sells native advertising could just as easily have been a target for mockery.
  • New York's Privacy Bill Is Too Onerous For Publishers
    The bill could negatively affect publishers by diminishing the value of their ad inventories and expose them to greater legal liabilities.
  • AP Reviews Social-Media Policy After Controversial Firing
    The AP rules forbid commentary on controversial issues that would hurt its reputation for objectivity and jeopardize other reporters.
  • How Can Publishers Meet Demand For Ad Flexibility Amid Trending Topics?
    Amid the competition for consumer attention, campaigns that refer to the news or put into context can be powerful.
  • Chicago Mayor Ignites Controversy With Ban On White Reporters
    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot last week said she would only grant interviews about her two-year anniversaryin office to journalists of color. The decision to discriminate against White reporters was shockingly racist and came off as a desperate act to deflect negative press coverage. I agree that diversity in the news media is important. However, answering racism with more racism is divisive, alienates political moderates and helps to fuel a reactionary backlash. Lightfoot, who is Black, also opened the door to criticism that her concern for journalists of color is inconsistent with the past. In her letter, …
  • Attitudes On 'Cancel Culture' Reflect Political Bent
    Some 59% who identify as liberal equate the idea with holding people accountable, while only 36% of conservatives express the same opinion.
  • 'Boston Globe' Enlists Nielsen For Audience Diversity Study
    A key goal is to learn more about the needs of local communities by interviewing people from a cross-section of ethnicities, ages, gender identities and incomes.
  • Is Boom In Crypto News Coverage Sustainable?
    Such news sites need to develop unique data and value-added content to differentiate their reporting.
  • Knight Pledges $3 Million To Help Local News Harness AI
    AI has numerous applications. Publishers can generate reams of data about the online behaviors of web visitors and use the information to personalize the user experience.
  • How Will Retailer Media Networks Affect Publishers?
    As much as retailers spend on print and digital advertising every year, they also compete with publishers for media dollars as they sell ad space on their ecommerce sites.
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