• Digital Newspaper Subscriptions Will Exceed Print By 2027
    Newspapers are advised to raise prices on digital subscriptions to make up for print losses.
  • Steep Decline In Newsroom Job Cuts Mirrors Broader Trend
    Layoffs have slowed as the economy rebounds. It can't get much worse than 2020 unless World War III breaks out.
  • Publishers Find Pockets Of Strength With Virtual Events
    Those in-person events are due for a comeback, though virtual get-togethers or a hybrid of the two are likely to remain.
  • Twitter Bets More On Subscriptions With Scroll Acquisition
    Scroll It claims those media outlets can earn more revenue than they do from advertising.
  • Meredith's Sale Of Local Broadcast Business Is Positive
    By dispensing with its 17 local TV stations, Meredith can give more attention to its magazine properties that collectively reach 95% of U.S. women.
  • Biden Is Having A Better Press Honeymoon Than Trump Did
    Sixty-five percent of stories about the Biden administration were on its policy and agenda, while the remainder focused on leadership and character, according to Pew Research Center.