• Lessons From TV And Mag Sales: Quality Content, 'Company You Keep' Still Matter
    I was recently asked about how to counter a price objection from a small advertiser. I spend a lot of time in rooms with groups of salespeople helping them think about ways to fight the sales fight in the toughest environment I have ever known. Of course the price objection happens across the board; from big and small advertisers and in the business-to-business market as well as consumer market. There are so many choices for advertisers, and there seems to be a whole new media category every year; location-based social marketing, anyone?
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Where Did All My 'Friends' Go?
    Question from a digital media seller: I'm a seller that's changed jobs recently. I'm finding it hard to reconnect with some of the people on the agency side that I had done business with at my former employer. I haven't changed at all; I've just changed companies. What gives?
  • Touchdown, Dorsett
    When asked what phrase he recalled saying most as a broadcaster of NFL games, legendary announcer Pat Summerall once replied, "Touchdown, Dorsett." He explained that he said this phrase so often while calling games for the New York Football Giants -- who, at that time, often lost to a Cowboy team led by this Hall of Fame running back.
  • The Dreaded B Word
    Are we in a bubble? Bankers chase shiny things. They drool over the skyrocketing growth of The Next New Startup, while the Last Great Theoretical Wonder fades from memory. How do you reconcile the enormous chasm between the depressed old media stocks with the stratospheric valuations in the Web world?
  • Woe The Digital Sale: Is There Love In The Media Business?
    Question from a digital media buyer: So much of our business has social events with unlimited alcohol involved, lots of unwinding from high-stress jobs, and what seems like an equal amount of young men and women in the industry. So, with Valentine's Day a recent memory -- what are the rules on dating within the business?
  • 1 + 1 = I
    Can all of the reasons AOL bought The Huffington Post ever be truthfully shared by those who made the deal happen? It's all a bit of an act, isn't it? The two main characters, one a huge football fan, left at halftime of the Super Bowl to start their performance in this business love story. But something doesn't add up on this deal and has left many, including AOL investors, scratching their heads on the price paid.
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