• The Inglourious Basterds Of Online Publishing
    With a title like this, you might think I plan to talk about ad blockers, or robots, or agency rebates. But no, today I want to take a mental break from these omnipresent topics and talk about spelling. Yes, s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g. Quentin Tarantino's film, whose title I borrowed for this blog, consists of two words, both of which are misspelled. When you are a leading movie-maker, you can get away with that. But if you make a living publishing content, misspellings are a sign of poor quality and can be a turn-off to persnickety readers like me.
  • Words Can Save The Day
    There is a lot of angst in the online ad business. It's not just reflected in the trades -- it is spilling out over drinks with people who sell online ads. Two digital media execs recently told me that the complexity of the sale was more numbing than the Scotch they were drinking. These two execs shared some horror stories about trying to collect on what they thought they had sold. They added, "It's even worse for buyers" -- which is leading to a lot of turnover on the agency side.
  • Five Suggestions For Publishers Struggling With Ad Blockers
    The rhetoric about ad blockers is reaching such a fever pitch that I am loath to add my voice to the current cacophony. Rather than simply lodging public complaints, I am going to try to offer some specific advice (with a heavy dose of complaints mixed in) for online publishers struggling with ad blockers.
  • Relevant Ads Are All Relative
    Our definition of relevancy does not match the consumers' definition, and this disconnect will continue to plague us. Ad blocking is not our newest problem. It's just the most obvious sign to date that we have one.
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