• Woe The Digital Sale: What About Those Upfronts?
    Question from a digital seller: So since the TV upfronts are about to be in season, are clients really doing yearly planning and are they doing upfront planning for online video only? How do I get in on this action?
  • The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: Hate The Network? Be The Network!
    Football teams often strategize that the best way to control their opponent's potent offense is to keep the ball away from the other team, running a so-called "ball control" offense that is equally about holding the ball for a long time on the game clock and about scoring points. It is axiomatic that the best way to avoid being on the defensive in business, sports or war, is to be on the offense. This certainly applies to the conversation Ari Rosenberg has started and pushed forward with respect to the sales problems associated with offering inventory through advertising networks, and …
  • Dire Straits
    Stop me if you've heard this one before. A premium content publisher learns that the ad network the publisher previously engaged -- but no longer has under contract -- is still using the premium publisher's logo in its presentations to buyers.
  • You Only Get One Chance To Make Seven Trillion Impressions
    This year, publishers worldwide will serve more than seven trillion display ads.Those ads will be sold by hundreds of thousands of publishers, more than 400 ad networks, and a growing number of DSPs. To make matters worse, the amount of online advertising inventory is growing at rates of more than 50% year over year as mobile devices and 4G help skyrocket the number of Web-connected devices. If you are a publisher or salesperson in media today, you are faced with the most strategic question of all: How on earth can you possibly differentiate yourself in a world of nearly unlimited …
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