• An Educated Sales Force Always Wins
    It's no secret that digital media is a fast-paced, constantly evolving marketplace, which for salespeople can be a daunting task or even a roadblock when it comes time to close a deal. That's why, in my opinion, education is one of the single most important tools that a salesperson should have in his or her toolkit.
  • U.S. Digital Publishers Extend Revenue Streams Abroad
    The U.S. publishing industry has shifted to align with the active digital consumer, increasing the sharing of exclusive content online and over mobile devices. This shift has also changed what readers expect from publishers and how they want their information distributed. But are publishers not thinking big enough? What about the increase in global digital consumers?
  • Here We Go Again
    Today's date creeps up every year, kidnaps my subconscious, and dumps it unmercifully back to that day. My memories are as clear as the sky that dreadful morning.
  • Watch Out For The Impending Click Drought
    Everyone in California has been focused on the water drought -- and we should, because it's real and potentially a long-term problem. But in the digital world, both content and commerce companies need to be worried about the impending click drought. I can hear you saying it now: "Oh good, one more thing to worry about. What's next, meteors?" But hang with my apocalyptic concerns for a minute.
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