An Educated Sales Force Always Wins

It’s no secret that digital media is a fast-paced, constantly evolving marketplace, which for salespeople can even be a daunting roadblock when it comes time to close a deal. That’s why, in my opinion, education is one of the single most important tools that a salesperson should have in his or her toolkit.

We are working in an industry where the marketplace is moving in multiple directions, from programmatic to custom content. It is imperative to continue career education or you will be left behind.

In order for any sales force to become a leaders, it is crucial that they evolve as quickly as the products and services they sell. And in order for a sales force to evolve, they need to be provided with enrichment and development opportunities from the leaders of their organization. By investing in their sellers’ development potential, companies are rewarded with a team who is successful because they do more than just push product, and they excel simply by understanding how to do so.



Below are four ways to empower yourself and/or your sales force to be successful:

1.     When looking for a sales role, look for a company that is willing to invest in you as a seller.  You can identify the companies who will invest in you by taking note of their training and education process. There should be a set standard of instruction across the sales team and an emphasis on continuing education through seminars, product demos, etc.

My personal hope for the industry is that this is a cascading effect and that by demanding excellence through education, we will push other sales forces to do the same.

2.     Check your ego at the door. This may seem counterintuitive to you as a seller, but try to worry less about your job title and compensation and focus more on your development and experience. Over time, development over dollars will afford a more enriching experience and long-term sales success.

3.    Take advantage of any and all learning opportunities.  Make use of the mentors in your organization and any enrichment programs that are made available to you. Taking the time to step away from the sales floor and learn about your customer’s needs and your company’s products makes you a better, more trusted partner. It is also important to take the time to learn about other parts of your organization that might help you be better at your job. Research, marketing and PR are all areas that a successful seller can and should tap into to help give customers what they need to move the needle for their businesses.

4.    Listen, then sell. One of the best pieces of advice that I could ever give is to take the time to learn about your customer’s business. A key difference between a good seller and a fantastic one is a focus on people over product. The ability to be a dynamic listener and internalize the knowledge that you take in is an invaluable asset to your customer and your sales force.

A salesperson’s job is never done. There are always opportunities to learn, evolve, mentor and diversify. The digital advertising landscape is changing rapidly and, above all, customers are looking for trusted partners. In sales, education equates to trust and these four tools will guarantee an educated sales force.

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