• YouTube TV Latest To Eye Free Channels To Pump Up Advertising
    YouTube TV is reportedly in talks with Vox Media, Brat TV and others to add free, ad-supported streaming channels -- a way to attract more streaming ad dollars while giving platform users cost-free value-added content.
  • Addressable's Remaining Obstacles: More Business Than Tech?
    The core technology needed to drive a breakthrough for addressable TV advertising exists, but industry cooperation is needed to "put the pipes together," say ad-tech executives.
  • Will 2022 Be Addressable's Breakout Year?
    Execs from top agencies weigh in on what's needed to accelerate momentum and spend levels.
  • CTV Secures Its Leading Share Of Video Ad Impressions
    CTV's share of impressions has been 35% or higher in each of the past five quarters.
  • eMarketer: U.S. CTV Ad Revenue Up 44% In 2021, Hulu, YouTube, Roku Still Lead, Newer Rivals Gain Share
    By 2023, Hulu and YouTube will still be the top two platforms by CTV revenue, but Roku, Pluto TV and Tubi will have eaten into their shares.
  • Streaming Ads: 44% Say There Are Too Many, 69% Say They're Repetitive, 53% Find Them Invasive
    For long-term business model stability, addressing invasiveness concerns is as or more important than tackling annoying ad repetitiveness.
  • 34% Of U.S. Internet Users Report Watching AVOD In Past Month
    That Q3 stat is up from 17% reporting the same in Q3 2020.
  • Comcast's No-Dish, No-STB Sky Glass Takes On Streamers, Cable, Big TV Makers
    Does this "no fuss" device really signal "the end of the set-top box"?
  • Data-Driven Linear Spend On A Roll; Programmatic Buys Still Limited Within CTV
    Large percentages of TV buyers surveyed by Xandr plan budget increases for DDL, OTT/CTV, addressable and other digital video, but only about half of OTT/CTV budgets are allocated to programmatic buys.
  • Streaming Consumption Overtakes Live TV, TV Time-Spent Below Pre-Pandemic Level
    83% report watching streamed TV, versus 81% watching live TV. Heavy live-TV and streaming watchers have both declined, but mid-level streamers have increased significantly.
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