• CTV Key In Driving Travel Advertising Rebound
    CTV ad impressions and spending were up 320% and 390%, respectively, in this year's first half, reports TVSquared.
  • Q2: New U.S. SVOD Subs Slowed Sharply, Netflix Lost Share, Amazon On A Roll
    Amazon and newcomer Discovery+ bucked the
  • vMVPDs Reached 16% Of U.S. Pay-TV Subs In 2020, As Traditional Pay-TV Subs Continued To Plummet
    vMVPDs were the only pay-TV segment to see growth during the pandemic, spurred by households' adoption of standalone broadband services.
  • TTD: Cord-Cutters Set To Exceed Cable Users, 92% Of Advertisers Say CTV Is As Effective As Linear
    Consumer and advertiser surveys for The Trade Desk's latest 'Future of TV' report add more evidence of CTV's growing importance to consumers and advertisers.
  • How To Optimize Return On AVOD Spend? Roku Offers Points To Consider
    Content quality is crucial, but other factors are just as important in prioritizing spend in the new arena of ad-supported VOD services.
  • So Why Do We Need Another Addressable Consortium?
    Comcast Advertising's Larry Allen and Hasan Rahim of Altice's a4 advertising arm shed a bit more light on why several cable and satellite TV operators and Vizio have formed another group devoted to tackling addressable advertising challenges -- Go Addressable -- when three already exist.
  • Android TV's Growth Looks To Be Outpacing Roku, Amazon Fire TV
    According to new Google Play Store data, the YouTube app for Android TV recently surpassed 100 million installs -- double its install base a little over a year ago.
  • FAST Work: OTT Subs Now In 82% Of U.S. Households
    That's up from 76% in 2020 and 64% in 2018 -- and free or cheap ad-supported streamers are pushing penetration ever higher.
  • Second-Tier Streamers Report Mostly Mixed Monetization Models
    Most apps include advertising, but nearly as many also sell subscriptions -- and many add product placement and sponsorships, as well.
  • What's Right - And Wrong - With AVODs
    Consumers are quite open to ad-supported streaming services -- even if modest fees are involved -- but they're frustrated by the current state of the advertising experience.
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