• FreeWheel Narrows The Addressable Linear/Digital Divide
    New technology, in pilot, allows sellers to offer more linear addressable video ad inventory, coupled with inventory on digital video platforms -- which should enable advertisers to extend targeted audience reach while managing frequency.
  • Media Kitchen's Julia Smaldone On Evolving OTT/CTV Pricing
    Legacy TV players with new streamers have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to pressing for CPMs akin to those for prime-time TV, says this agency executive.
  • ATV In-App Outperformed Web Ad Impressions In 2020, For First Time
    Google Ad Manager reports that ATV advertising dipped in Q2 but recovered over the course of 2020. Traditional buys still heavily dominated, but programmatic grew rapidly. Live impressions grew faster than VOD, despite sports shutdowns.
  • Engine's Scott Schiller On Why 2021's Upfronts Should Be Different
    "It's time to rip off the Band-aid. Advertisers and media need to move faster to think holistically and look to change the rules on both sides of the equation," argues this global agency's chief commercial officer.
  • Google's Bailing On Third-Party IDs Should Be Another Plus For CTV
    Performance marketers, in particular, are likely to shift ad dollars to CTV as ROI on Facebook and other non-Google digital campaigns declines, argues one CTV ad tech executive.
  • Cost Still Perceived As Key Impediment For CTV
    While some marketers say greater engagement as a result of less ad clutter is an important benefit of CTV, few seem willing to pay more for it.
  • EU Viewers Prefer Streaming To Broadcast, Use AVOD About As Much As SVOD
    Across the EU5 countries, weekly SVOD usage rates average 68%, while AVOD averages 63%.
  • Why Are Media Aggregator Impressions Uptrending? Is CTV Losing Share To Mobile?
    In Q4 2020, ad impressions for DSPs, ad networks and other programmatic media aggregators surpassed those of premium publishers for the first time in Extreme Reach's tracking. And CTV lost its dominant share of impressions among digital devices, as mobile hit 40% to CTV's 35%.
  • Traditional TV Companies Have A Leg Up In Big-Advertiser CTV Buys: Study
    While spending on CTV/OTT continues to grow, 51% of advertisers still say they view linear TV as the most valuable video platform. And when big advertisers buy CTV, they favor options available through the TV network companies.
  • vMVPDs' 2020 Trends, In Six Charts
    A look at vMVPDs' shares of subscriptions and sign-ups, resubscribe and trial conversion rates, and more, courtesy of data from Antenna.
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