• ANA Study: Interactive CTV Ads Drive Big Earned-Time Increases
    Interactive CTV ads generated as much as 447% more earned time with viewers than standard ads.
  • Amazon's Next Frontier: Selling OTT Ads Outside Of Fire TV
    Not satisfied with its leaps in digital advertising revenue, it appears that Amazon is now intent on dominating the CTV advertising market.
  • D2Cs Learning To Use OTT In The Performance Mix
    Testing OTT and other data-driven TV as part of a unified performance marketing strategy is the savvy move for legacy brands developing D2C channels, as well as response-driven digital-native brands, say execs from agencies ForwardPMX and Modi Media.
  • Is A 'New' Pay-TV Bundle Part Of Our Future?
    Will cord-cutters' frustration with too many services push traditional pay-TV operators and streaming services to cooperate to offer converged bundles?
  • Year-End Frenzy Of Cross-Media Activity Sets Stage For Pivotal 2020
    The year-end flurry of OTT, CTV and addressable deals, partnerships, and new solutions and metrics speaks to an industry scrambling to take shape, and to the bumpy road ahead in the coming months.
  • Hulu Lets Brands Target Binge Watchers, Woo Them With New Ad Formats (Including Ad-Free Episodes)
    The streamer is demonstrating the power of OTT, on-demand user data and machine learning by enabling less disruptive--possibly even welcomed--ad messaging and offers to the binge watchers who account for half of the viewing hours on its AVOD version.
  • Will 5G Super-Charge OTT?
    A new Deloitte U.S. consumer survey points to rapid adoption, but as always, there are "ifs."
  • ATV's 2020 Outlook: Agency And Platform Execs Weigh In
    The year ahead will bring more standardization, measurement and attribution, next-gen video creative and, possibly, more cross-platform sharing traditional TV viewership data, say leading vendors.
  • Media Planning In A Fractured-Screen World
    Executives from Ocean Media, Havas Media and Electronic Arts discuss strategies for balancing reach and other goals with cost efficiency in cross-platform campaigns, without the benefit of a unified measurement standard.
  • Bleeding Accelerates: Traditional Pay TV Lost Nearly 2M Subs In Q3, Led By AT&T
    Kagan and Leichtman put total Q3 net paid-TV subscriber losses across platforms at 1.9M and 1.75M, respectively. Leichtman, which includes top companies representing about 93% of the market, estimates that AT&T--which saw DirecTV sub losses of nearly 1.1M, and smaller losses at U-verse and AT&T Now--accounted for 79% of the loss among these leaders.
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