• Streaming Consumption Overtakes Live TV, TV Time-Spent Below Pre-Pandemic Level
    83% report watching streamed TV, versus 81% watching live TV. Heavy live-TV and streaming watchers have both declined, but mid-level streamers have increased significantly.
  • 55% Of TV Viewers Go First To OTT, Vs. 39% To Traditional Pay-TV... But Netflix Is Losing Ground
    Just 11% of 18-to-34 TV viewers go first to live TV from traditional pay-TV sources--but their tendency to try new streamers is also driving a decline in Netflix's status as the #1 default streamer.
  • CTV Platforms Drive 30% Of New OTT Subs, Gen Z Views Video As Much On PCs As TV
    Overall, 72% of households report regularly using multiple platforms for video viewing, finds new Parks Associates research.
  • Even Paid Content Viewers Are Surprisingly Ad-Tolerant
    Roughly 40% to 55% of consumers who pay for video/TV content are OK with ads during TV viewing, a TiVo survey indicates.