• NBCU: CTV Viewership Up 95% Last Year; Half To Three-Quarters Of All TV Viewing Now Time-Shifted
    NBCU's first "One Audience Trends Report" offers stats and examples from its own portfolio that underscore how much cross-platform consumption is, or should be, transforming media-buying strategies.
  • Roku Exec Shares Advice For CTV Advertising Newbies, Growth Trends
    Two basic guidelines serve advertisers well when they're venturing into CTV testing, says Roku ad sales marketing VP Dan Robbins.
  • Three Years In, Prebid.org Takes On CTV-OTT
    A just-formed CTV-OTT task force aims to address standards, as well as create more advanced programming tools for long-form video.
  • Checking The Addressable Scorecard: MVPDs, Smart TV, NextGen TV
    An overview of MVPDs' current reach and in-the-works addressable initiatives.