• CTV's Pandemic Performance Mixed So Far, But It's Now The Primary Video Screen
    OTT/CTV ad transactions declined about 14% over the course of March's early pandemic days, and CTV and other platform impressions also dipped in March. But April has seen a rebound in video impressions -- including a jump of 145% in retail (including ecommerce).
  • Pre- And During Pandemic, CTV/Streaming Taking Bigger Role In 2020 Ad Plans
    Even before COVID-19 caused shelter at home, 13% to 14% of marketing decision-makers surveyed by Viant said that the advent of big new streamers was driving more ad spend or increased testing for CTV. Now, in the midst of the crisis, another survey shows 43% of marketers saying OTT/CTV will get some new ad dollars, and 29% saying it will benefit from reallocated spend.
  • NCS On OTT Metrics Misperceptions, Growing Opportunities
    OTT is far more measurable than many marketers think, says NCS TV/programmatic solutions chief Thomas Eaton. And with more brands trying the platform because of its surging consumption during shelter-at-home, and seeing the results--including actual sales outcomes--the platform's growth should accelerate.
  • Pandemic-Driven Sea Changes Make Advanced TV's Targeting Even More Valuable
    OTT/CTV and addressable strategies can help advertisers fill the short-term impressions shortfall from the suspension of sports events and coverage--and the now-explosive growth of streaming points to permanent media consumption behavior changes.
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