• ATV Nuggets From The NewFronts
    Research shared during IAB's virtual event this week offered insights on consumers' views of CTV vs. linear, how the two platforms work together, and how far organizations still have to go when it comes to integrating TV and digital video marketing functions.
  • Tapping The Streaming Sports Advertising Opportunity Takes More Than Money
    Research shows that viewers have quite different expectations for advertising in the streaming sports environment than traditional TV sports programming.
  • Viewing Time, Other CTV Behaviors Now Resemble Linear's
    A FreeWheel analysis of CTV user data shows viewing patterns that parallel linear's, indicating that consumers are now using CTV as more than an occasional supplement to linear.
  • The Ins And Outs Of CTV Retargeting
    With CTV viewership reaching new levels, and more advertisers interested in performance marketing, retargeting that includes CTV is an increasingly popular and powerful campaign tactic. We asked a retargeting expert, SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas, to provide the lowdown on who's using it, typical results, and mistakes to avoid.
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