• Another Large-Scale Ad Scam Spotlights Vulnerability of OTT/CTV
    A new, and apparently still active, spoofing scam appears to have misdirected programmatically purchased OTT/CTV ads from an array of political groups, luxury automakers and CPG brands that were meant to be placed in public-domain TV content on popular Roku apps to passive apps, like screensavers, on the platform's devices. Damage: possibly in the millions of dollars.
  • Bandwidth Hogging: The Ugly Reality That Could Limit Streaming's COVID-19 Bonanza
    Netflix and YouTube have agreed to reduce their huge data use by making standard definition rather than HD their defaults in the EU-- but a month's commitment in one region of the world by only two of the big streamers isn't nearly enough to ensure that vital health and commerce services aren't threatened by streaming's strain on internet infrastructures.
  • How Much Will SVODs Benefit From Coronavirus' Stay-Home Dynamic?
    Sure, people are going to be watching more streaming content -- but if a recession sets in here as well as in other countries, the prospect pool for new subscribers will shrink.
  • What's Possible With Addressable? Maybe More Than You Think
    Cadillac is among the brands using innovative approaches like propensity models to home in on truly targeted prospects and reach them through addressable.
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