• ATV's 2020 Outlook: Agency And Platform Execs Weigh In
    The year ahead will bring more standardization, measurement and attribution, next-gen video creative and, possibly, more cross-platform sharing traditional TV viewership data, say leading vendors.
  • Media Planning In A Fractured-Screen World
    Executives from Ocean Media, Havas Media and Electronic Arts discuss strategies for balancing reach and other goals with cost efficiency in cross-platform campaigns, without the benefit of a unified measurement standard.
  • Bleeding Accelerates: Traditional Pay TV Lost Nearly 2M Subs In Q3, Led By AT&T
    Kagan and Leichtman put total Q3 net paid-TV subscriber losses across platforms at 1.9M and 1.75M, respectively. Leichtman, which includes top companies representing about 93% of the market, estimates that AT&T--which saw DirecTV sub losses of nearly 1.1M, and smaller losses at U-verse and AT&T Now--accounted for 79% of the loss among these leaders.
  • TiVo Positions To Profit From Viewers' Content Confusion
    The company aims to be a centralized solution for overwhelmed viewers by becoming a content hub through its new TiVo+ connected service and marketing its ML-driven personalized content discovery solution to operators around the world.
  • Pay-TV Players Hope To Become OTT 'Super-Aggregators'
    Most executives surveyed say they view growing consumption of standalone OTT services as an opportunity, although they're (appropriately) afraid of the FAANG gang.