• Why Are Media Aggregator Impressions Uptrending? Is CTV Losing Share To Mobile?
    In Q4 2020, ad impressions for DSPs, ad networks and other programmatic media aggregators surpassed those of premium publishers for the first time in Extreme Reach's tracking. And CTV lost its dominant share of impressions among digital devices, as mobile hit 40% to CTV's 35%.
  • Traditional TV Companies Have A Leg Up In Big-Advertiser CTV Buys: Study
    While spending on CTV/OTT continues to grow, 51% of advertisers still say they view linear TV as the most valuable video platform. And when big advertisers buy CTV, they favor options available through the TV network companies.
  • vMVPDs' 2020 Trends, In Six Charts
    A look at vMVPDs' shares of subscriptions and sign-ups, resubscribe and trial conversion rates, and more, courtesy of data from Antenna.
  • How CTV Changes This Year's Super Bowl Opportunity
    The growth of connected-TV devices and stay-at-home dynamics are expected to boost streaming viewership and engagement opportunities, says one digital ad-tech exec.
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