• Second-Tier Streamers Report Mostly Mixed Monetization Models
    Most apps include advertising, but nearly as many also sell subscriptions -- and many add product placement and sponsorships, as well.
  • What's Right - And Wrong - With AVODs
    Consumers are quite open to ad-supported streaming services -- even if modest fees are involved -- but they're frustrated by the current state of the advertising experience.
  • Average U.S. Viewer Now Uses Nearly 6 Different TV Sources
    The number using any streaming service is 79%, versus 60% using a traditional pay-TV service. The percentages using three or more top SVODs leapt over the past year, as did the percentage using at least one free streamer.
  • Chief Investment Execs On How The Linear-To-Streaming Shift Will Impact The Upfront
    Five agency power players say that the wealth of streaming/CTV options beyond broadcasters' own digital extensions means that nothing -- including the success of linear/digital packaging pushes -- can be taken for granted in this year's negotiations.