• Netflix Remains Ad-Free, But Rivals Think That Will Change
    Netflix continues to spend a lot on programming -- which brings up the obvious question. How can it pay for it?
  • Linear TV Helps Propel Rise In OTT, Connected TV Ratings
    The ratings points in linear TV are down, but they are transforming other platforms.
  • Trump To Live Tweet During Democratic Presidential Debate
    Seems Donald Trump is aiming for his version of photobombing. (Tweet-bombing?) Will they read them on-air? Real-time fact checkers could weigh in.
  • When Star Athletes Get Hurt, Viewership Could Take A Hit
    Within two days of each other, the NBA's Golden State Warriors' basketball star Kevin Durant and Chris Froome, multiple Tour de France champ, sustained serious injuries. How will that play out on TV?
  • Is The Future Addressable TV Advertising Or Nonlinear TV Advertising?
    Some 15% of advertisers are now including addressable TV regularly in their buys -- while 35% have tried it. To some, this indicates a technology moving beyond its infancy.
  • Facebook Watch Is Forecast To Pull In $5B In Video Ad Revenues
    How does this affect traditional TV companies starting up premium video OTT services?
  • Maybe Viewers Need A TV Super App
    Entertainment consumers will be looking for easier ways to find the shows and services they want -- on any platform.
  • Are Local TV Automated Deals Finally Here?
    Hudson MX, the new local TV automated-buying platform, says $2 billion went through its system Buyer Assist, in the first months of 2019.
  • To Track Or Not To Track -- That Is The Networks' Question
    We have lots of evidence -- in theory -- that TV networks can connect with viewers, tangentially, when it comes to secondary "tracking."
  • Quibi Hopes To Be King Of The Short-Bite Mobile TV Experience
    Why not just offer entire episodes of TV shows lasting that long?
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