• YouTube TV Declines To Add Turner To Lineup
    Right now,YouTube TV is pitching a package focusing on all the major broadcast networks, as well as an earlier deal made with cable network group, A+E Networks. Money is only one issue in the decision to reject Turner.
  • In Trump World, Only Your TV Performance Counts
    Why did Donald Trump fire FBI director James Comey? Was it that he mishandled Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email situation? The ongoing Russian investigation? Maybe some recent TV appearance stuff had something to do it with.
  • Brand Safety Arrives for TV Nets, Not Their Digital Video Platforms
    Lots of talk about brand safety concerns of nontraditional big media digital video platforms (You Tube? Facebook?) floated over this upfront presentation period. But those traditional linear TV advertising selling executives say those issues don't apply to ad-supported digital video platforms from the TV networks.
  • Will Upfront Get A New Premium Moniker?
    NewFront promoters found a way to distinguish themselves over the last few years. Now, traditional TV networks need a new name for their efforts. Anything with the word "premium' and or 'video' might do.
  • TV's 'Scandal' Or Trump's?
    Can you believe the political headlines -- in fictionalized or in reality content missives? Scandal is in the air. ABC is ending the political drama "Scandal," as a real-life Trump-Russian scandal heats up.
  • Holding Back TV News? Not For Sweeps Or Main Newscasts
    Media viewers shouldn't be teasing into waiting for those big TV news stories that come around four times a year, during sweeps. Trouble is, traditional local TV programming is still where TV stations' bread is buttered -- where they make the most bang for their buck with advertisers.
  • Trump '100 Day' Ad A Lesson in Grandstanding
    Of the intended $1.5 million media buy, the campaign only spent $116,729 on national TV networks, according to iSpot.tv -- from May 2 through May 6. Some TV networks just aren't happy to slapped with a "fake news" banner.
  • Traditional TV This Upfront: We Got Big Data, Too
    All marketers won't agree on the mix of media -- traditional and new media -- these days. Each has different sales concerns, dynamics and goals. Still, traditional TV selling executives will push that they are catching up to social media and others -- claiming they have more "advanced data and optimization capabilities."
  • TV May Mean Fewer Commercials, Less Ad Talk
    Cable networks, such as Turner's TNT and truTV, some Viacom networks, have been looking to scale back advertising loads during its programming content. The question going forward is: How can TV networks make money this way? Fox has some ideas.
  • ABC Looks To Restart 'Idol' Worship
    ABC said it kick-start a new version of one of the biggest U.S. TV shows ever -- "American Idol" -- from its original producers FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment. It's scheduled for the 2017-'18 season.
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