• YouTube Has $7 Billion In Ad Sales - That's Premium Video
    Even more astonishing is how much YouTube gives back to creators, artists and even big media organizations: $30 billion over the past three years.
  • Netflix Changed The TV Ad Dynamic - Without Selling Any
    Consumers think Netflix first -- and then everything else. That means no ads.
  • New Movies For HBO Max Doesn't Mean Less For Theaters
    WarnerMedia isn't going to leave theaters hanging. Movie theaters will also get an exclusive window of an estimated 12 to15 movies from the studio.
  • Will Movie Marketing Spend Be Up Or Down Going Forward?
    Movie studios' marketing may never be the same, due to rising streaming platforms and viewer options.
  • Dealing With Controversial TV Content Isn't New For Marketers - But The Olympics?
    Toyota, the large, Japanese-based automotive company, will not run TV advertising in Japan during the games.
  • Dish Gets An AT&T Lifeline - But Not The Obvious One
    AT&T has supplied Dish with infrastructure technology to aid its efforts to be a "mobile virtual network operator."
  • 2022 Political Ad Revenues Will Remain At Presidential Levels
    Digital, connected TV -- political advertising rises ever upward.
  • Can We 'Trust' TV's Weather Coverage? What's Really Blowing In The Wind?
    Fox Corp. will get into the game, launching Fox Weather later this year. Will it be straight reporting or politicized?
  • Netflix Fancies Future Business With Video Games
    Netflix was always assumed to have plans to broaden its enterprise. But no one guessed this.
  • Local OTT/CTV Ad Sales: Spending Grows, But Not For Every Marketer
    Rising efforts around local TV stations streaming/OTT businesses continue at a steady pace -- but still far less than local advertisers invest when it comes to social-media spending.
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