• TV's Regional Sports Networks Remain Top Financial Earners
    One key area that may be overlooked in Walt Disney's $52.4 billion acquisition of Fox's TV/entertainment businesses is its regional sports networks. Projected 2018 cash flow for Fox's RSN business is expected to reach an impressive $1.9 billion in earnings.
  • Traditional TV Media Buyers Scratch Heads As Google Cracks Down On Unsafe Video
    Agency execs have increasingly used Google Preferred channels to supplement broadcast, cable and national syndication upfront buys. But that level of inventory looks to be shrinking.
  • Trump's Fake News Awards - Should We Include His Tweets?
    With his digital media platform, the President does great work in creating more disruption, more circus. He's like a guy playing three-card Monte on the corner. He hovers over those bent playing cards and waits for the crowd's reaction.
  • Too Many Video Options? But Wait, There's More!
    Netflix expects to spend $8 billion this year on new TV/movie content; Amazon will spend about $4.5 billion. Hulu will be close to $3 billion, while Apple will shell out more than $1 billion.
  • Trump Wants To Change Libel Laws -- Let's Start At The Top
    There is no way Donald Trump can change the libel laws -- even if he got Congress on his side, according to experts. Libel laws are a state concern. Those laws govern the crime of publishing deliberately false statements about someone with the intent of damaging that person.
  • Are Nonprofits The Better Way To Air Local TV?
    A nonprofit group, Sports Fans Coalition, is launching locast.org - a mashup of "local" and "broadcast" - a New York broadcast TV station over-the-top streaming service. The catch? The group has no intention of compensating any of the 13 local TV stations.
  • Trump's Future Plans May Be TV
    According to reports, Trump expected to lose the election, then pursue a course in which he had enjoyed some success: tv. Is this his future strategy?
  • Health Club Forbids Cable News, Politics Too Controversial
    A major health-club chain based in Minneapolis -- Life Time Athletic -- has removed all national cable TV news channels from its TV screens, wanting a more family-friendly environment.
  • ABC May Gain Marketing Heft In Disney-Fox TV Deal
    Disney-ABC Television will have more resources -- especially with the added benefit of Fox's TV/movie production studio, among the biggest pieces of Disney's $52.4 billion purchase of Fox's assets.
  • TV Prices Expected To Rise
    Although many media/entertainment analysts say consumers will spend more of their paychecks on entertainment -- with newer inexpensive digital video platforms and free content available -- that is expected to change.
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