• Big Streaming Shows Up Costs: Amazon Prime Video Drops $465M On 'LOTR'
    Specific effects and location are major price factors for shows such as "Lord of the Rings," which count on high engagement.
  • TV Nets On Upfront Time, Marketers In The Crosshairs
    Decades of viewership erosion already had TV marketers questioning what and where to turn to supplement added reach of potential consumers.
  • When It Comes To ESPN's NBA Wagering Game, Who Really Wins?
    With the influx of sports betting/gaming growing in conjunction with content on traditional sports channels, commentary and sports reporting are poised to change.
  • Negative TV News Language Could Impact Marketers' Business
    A new report says "negative emotional language" can result in lower conversions among many industries.
  • Has The Pandemic Opened Demand For Premium Streamer Growth?
    That streaming trend is surely a big part of the possible motivation for marketers to move.
  • Netflix Exclusive Movie Deal With Sony Helps Define The Streaming Age
    Sony isn't like other big legacy TV-movie production companies. It doesn't own a major U.S. TV network.
  • Traditional TV Time Sinks During Higher Pandemic Viewing
    Broadcast and cable TV erosion is accelerating -- at least via traditional measures. There are also far fewer prime-time original shows than a year ago.
  • Could The Pandemic Or A Boycott Trip Up Another Olympics?
    It's not just the virus. It's also the issue of human rights in China for 2022.
  • Can Streaming And Theatrical Co-Exist? One Warner Bros. Movie Says They Can
    The movie not only scored well at the opening weekend box-office -- $48.5 million -- but also recorded the top share of all streaming movies: 8.1%.
  • As Data Hacking Grows, What Happens To Legacy Media?
    Traditional media, especially those companies with TV stations and cable operations, have decades of experience around regulation.
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