• How Does Peacock Benefit NBC TV Affiliates? Not So Much
    Peacock offers a no ad-share arrangement, unlike what NBC has with its TV station affiliates.
  • Washington Redskins To Change Name, TV Marketers' Pressure At Work
    The team owner said he would not change the name seven years ago. That was before PepsiCo, FedEx, Nike, Bank of America and others threatened to pull their ad-marketing commitments.
  • Connected TV Grabs The Moment
    But don't forget about mobile video viewing. Many believe it hasn't reached the pinnacle of serving modern digital media consumers.
  • Does Peacock Need Roku And Amazon Fire? The Rub Is Ad Inventory, Data Sharing
    TV advertising -- even given the pandemic -- is still a platform where pay TV providers can make big and rapid revenue gains.
  • Should Amazon, Netflix Buy A Movie Theater Chain?
    A Bank of America analyst deems this is a good move, since both Netflix and Amazon are reaching "scale in movie output."
  • Loud TV In Bars Is Dangerous In The Time Of COVID-19
    Loud music or TV at restaurants and/or bars can force those speaking to anyone to shout. And that could mean a greater chance of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Netflix Defies Odds, Finances Soar Without Ads
    Pre-COVID-19, speculation suggested Netflix would offer ads. On Monday, Netflix's publicly traded shares hit another high -- up nearly 4% to $493.81 -- up 52.6% year to date.
  • Walmart Goes To The Drive-In, Uses Parking Lots For Entertainment
    Walmart is teaming with Tribeca Partners to expand Tribeca's drive-in summer series effort to run through August in 160 parking lots nationwide.
  • Virtual Pay TV May Become 'A La Carte' TV
    As prices for streamers rise, consumers may rethink their TV preferences.
  • Streamers Tout Big Content Libraries, Marketing Goes Deeper
    Still, quality can be a fuzzy thing to measure. Consider other related factors: original shows and high viewing.
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