• Diller: Netflix Won The TV Game
    Netflix is way ahead of rival entertainment concerns -- especially now with 60 million U.S. subscribers -- when it comes direct-to-consumer (DTC) home video
  • Who Needs A Big Ad Campaign? The Chatterbox-In-Chief
    Trump's public speaking -- the rallies, the interviews with some networks -- is having middling effect. Marketing execs would say telling the flock "finish the wall" is a big reach in the credibility department.
  • Media And Consumer Reviews: Will TV Networks Take The Hint?
    Consumer reviews mean more consumer engagement -- and are a lure for advertisers. Perhaps TV networks could consider this.
  • Ho-hum: Another TV Blackout Battle With A Pay TV Provider
    TV carriage issues, including blackouts, continue to plague the business. But is all this news fading?
  • For TV, Media Trade Groups, Growth Means Expanding Into Competing Areas
    There is a certain level of "melding" between many marketing areas -- for example, among small-screen TV and big-screen theatrical practices, says Steve Kazanjian, president/chief executive officer of Promax.
  • Media, Advertising Future: AT&T, Amazon and NBCU Big Consumer Data Bets
    Despite media content bumps on the road, advertising will still be a big deal. Recent moves at the likes of AT&T, Amazon and NBCUniversal might show us that.
  • For Super Bowl, Live Sports, More On-Air Promos For TV Entertainment Programming
    The biggest beneficiary of messaging during the game was CBS itself. Its efforts are part of a growing trend for network promo time during the big game.
  • Do Future TV Consumers Want 'Nuance' In Pay TV -- Or To Be Hit Over The Head?
    In a world of cord-cutting and ever-expanding OTT platforms, consumers may want the "nuanced" approach -- building their own virtual pay TV portal.
  • Cross-Platform Measurements Continue To Hit Obstacles
    Nielsen and other third-party measurement companies have had a tough time accounting for all digital TV messaging -- when it comes to installing software onto OTT platforms.
  • Netflix Claims 40M Viewers For 'You,' Rivals Dispute The Figure
    Whatever the process, there is a need to have third-party metrics in addition to other first-party data -- whether panel-based, census-based or otherwise.
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