• Is A TV/Retail Company Merger Viable?
    Some believe the next big TV innovation might actually be Amazon -- especially when it comes to grabbing more digital and TV advertising revenue.
  • Cable Networks Contemplate Major Merger - Does It Matter?
    New, cheaper TV packages of networks -- the ones that cost $20 to $45 a month -- are coming. That means many networks will be left out -- especially cable networks. Will a big cable network merger gain leverage? Maybe not.
  • Is Ad-Supported TV Better Than Ad-Free TV?
    Can ad-supported TV programs offer any of the same evidence for growth of "Game of Thrones" -- especially for a TV series entering its seventh season? Not exactly.
  • Internet-Based Content Has Mixed Record As TV Shows
    Virtually all of network TV has had trouble producing successful TV shows from alternate sources -- whether as revivals of older TV shows, longtime franchise films or material from the internet.
  • Traditional TV's Upfront Continues Winning Streak
    Analysts now say upfront revenue volume for the four major broadcast networks could grow 3% to 4% to around $9.2 billion -- all this after a 4% gain a year ago.
  • Could Advanced TV Advertising Be A $100B Business?
    For a long time, we have heard euphoric descriptions about the new TV advertising world -- call it advanced, addressable, targeted, or otherwise. If fully realized, all this could easily place higher value on traditional TV programming content.
  • In The Race for Local Ad Dollars, Are Big Tech Plans Enough?
    The new, proposed ATSC 3.0 standard can deliver up to five times the amount of data as the existing digital broadcast standard. For the consumer, it will offer "lower costs than conventional wireless systems."
  • How To Stream A Classic
    Seek out something surefire that's stood the test of time. But don't be a snowflake about spoilers. And here's other tips on how to make the most of TV gems:
  • Next Generation Of Cable TV Networks Could Be Skinny Bundles
    New types of cable-like TV networks for OTT services are coming from traditional TV network creators -- not only in restructuring older fringe cable networks, but developing new cable channels.
  • Do We Need A New CNN: Civil News Network?
    While the advent of TV has been largely positive for transparency and accountability in civic life, it has recently adopted a much more sinister quality: polarization. And sometimes, that polarity turns violent.
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