• Major League Baseball Lockouts Haunt TV Marketers
    Baseball was hurt the last time there was a lockout -- back in 1994 and 1995, which wiped out the 1994 World Series and into 1995, when the season scaled back.
  • A Strong Ad Start To The TV Season May Slow In 2022
    National TV automotive ad spend for the last two weeks of November was at $185 million, down from $195 million a year ago.
  • NextGen TV To The Rescue? Billions In New Revenue Could Come Soon To Local TV
    NextGen base revenue is projected to be 22% of all local TV station revenue by 2022. This will boost the relatively stagnant revenue core outlook, partly due to competitive, fast-growing, digital-first local media.
  • Streamers Offer Attractive Deals: Hulu, Discovery+ Weigh In With Big Price Reductions
    Premium streaming services of all kinds are making drastic decisions to hopefully garner long-term subscribers.
  • Comcast Has A Hulu Predicament: Keep Or Sell?
    NBCU needs to make a big decision soon -- sell off its one-third stake in Hulu for a big gain now or in two years.
  • Adult-Themed, Less-Action Movies May Not Need Theatrical Releases
    Viewers may prefer watching more intimate dramas at home and blockbusters at the movie theater.
  • Are Roku's Rivals Coming? The Market Thinks So
    For many consumers, having a more primary service for the bulk of their TV needs is a good deal.
  • Hulu+Live TV Boosts Disney's Streaming Business
    Disney is raising the price of Hulu+Live TV to $69.99 from $64.99. But it is also adding Disney+ and ESPN+ to sweeten the deal.
  • Instead Of Adding Games To The NFL, Add More Teams
    Raising the number of teams to as many as 40, from the current level of 32, could make a big difference in revenue.
  • TV, Digital News Consumers Register Skepticism, Which May Be A Good Thing
    Some 36% of consumers said they got their news "often" from TV in 2021, down from a 40% number in 2020.
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