• The AT&T Nexus
    Now that AT&T has finalized its acquisition of Time Warner, it is expected to make a number of smaller acquisitions. That move will give it the chops to revamps the advertising marketplace, the way it alluded when it raided former GroupM chief Brian Lesser from WPP. One of the first acquisitions is expected to be AppNexus, an ad technology company Lesser favors.
  • Telemundo Launches Consumer Brand Campaign During World Cup Broadcast
    The campaign revolves around the theme "Together Unstoppable." Andres Cantor, the Argentine sportscaster known for his iconic "goal!" yell, makes an appearance in the 60-second promo, kicking a soccer ball.
  • Lies, Damned Lies And Cable News
    Each night on cable news, two sides employ different justifications and often hypocrisies to sustain their arguments. A Pew Research study released this week asked if Americans could recognize news as factual vs. opinion. No surprise: most can't.
  • TV Is The New Black
    When was the last time you could get folks talking at a party by asking if they'd seen this or that film? Meanwhile, the question "Binge anything good lately?" is often the quickest way to both start a conversation and form a bond with a stranger.
  • Which 4 Media Companies Will Reign Supreme?
    Legacy media companies continue to seek the right formula to keep pace with growing digital media -- especially when it comes to sluggish ad sales.
  • As TV Landscape Shifts, Upfront Reflects Changing Clout
    Though media companies got bigger, TV networks' ad power has leveled off; some would say diminished. All that has shifted the upfront TV ad market into the background somewhat -- not that $20 billion isn't noteworthy.
  • Study: Want To Enhance TV Viewing Time? Consider Cannabis
    Parents report they are more engaged with family and TV content when consuming cannabis. The key word here: engaged. You got to figure TV marketers will like this.
  • Podcasts Attract Bigger Advertisers In More Upfront-Like Buys
    Just like TV networks, 38% of podcast deals are made as upfront buys -- media deals done in advance for an entire season, according to an IAB executive. In 2017, $314 million was spend on podcast ads.
  • Will Higher TV Ads, Retrans Fees Meet Bottom-Line Expectations?
    Although TV stations have long adjusted to the ups and downs of two-year ad cycles -- big Olympic/political years versus low periods -- it's getting tougher.
  • Making Sense Of Presidential Ratings, TV News Data
    It's hard to compare decades of presidential news content and media -- especially since so much has changed with new media platforms. After steady increases in TV ratings for the first 18 months of the Trump Administration, there are now more mixed results.
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