• Local TV News Quandary: How To Broaden Viewer Reach
    Young TV/media consumers still don't watch much local TV news, while older U.S. viewers still consume lots of it. Is there any hope for this dynamic changing?
  • What Is Apple's Brand Value As A TV Producer?
    Apple TV is launching an original show in November. "The Morning Show" mirrors NBC's "Today" show host Matt Lauer and allegations of sexual harassment. For the company, this is the final frontier: premium TV entertainment.
  • Sinclair Broadcasting Sells 'News' Of New Trump Hat
    There was no disclaimer here. It sure seems like part of a media campaign for Trump's 2020 re-election.
  • How TV News Advertisers Cope With Controversial Topics, Hosts
    Marketers such as Fidelity Investments and others are insisting their ads do not appear near articles or videos that contain any of a long list of words, such as "bombs," "immigration," "racism" and "Trump."
  • Trump's Scoop: TV News Networks Are Responsible For Crashing Economy!
    The truth is, economies around the world are suffering - China, the U.K. and more recently, Germany. Historically, U.S recessions happen every eight-to-12 years. We are now around nine to 10 years since the last one ended.
  • What's In A Streaming TV Name? Everything
    The ViacomCBS name is not all that consumer-friendly, versus Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. They are snappier names.
  • Political Addressable Ads On TV Could Be Next
    Will political addressable TV advertising be a thing? We might see more politicians run a number of different creative messages of this type.
  • Who Cares About TV Cord-Cutting? Advanced Ads, Digital Sales Deliver
    What was once a pay TV market of 101 million subscribers in 2013 is now down to 87 million. Yet we keep hearing about higher upfront ad revenues, growing affiliate revenue and improving content distribution to third-party buyers.
  • Russian TV News Covers Food Fests, Not Massive Protests
    Russian riot police violently suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations across Moscow. This had some pro-Kremlin state news channels featuring a different top news item -- a city-sponsored barbecue festival.
  • The New Fox Is Billed As An Independent TV Network - Is It?
    While competitors are scaling up -- especially when it comes to producing, owning and selling TV shows to traditional TV and virtual TV distributors worldwide -- Fox gets flexibility in slimming down.
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