• Premium Cable TV Content Gets An Ad-Supported Option
    A new Showtime channel, Showtime Selects, on Pluto TV, will have a Showtime brand with advertising.
  • Newsmax TV Could Be A Rival To Fox News, Or Just A Flash In The Political Pan
    Newsmax TV has yet to "call" the election. Virtually all other news organizations have cited Joe Biden as President-elect.
  • It's Time For Major Sports Leagues, Platforms To Seek New Audiences
    Traditional sports TV/media platforms need to ramp up efforts -- especially as young viewers seek new sports-related content, such as esports.
  • Campaign Ad Dollars, Electoral Votes Get Calculations Correct
    Real return-on-media investment vis-a-vis campaign spending was much more on target this round.
  • TV Sports Are Coming Back, But Will Steep Ratings Declines Follow?
    Without fans in stadiums, interest dropped. A vaccine may come in Q1 2021 and help resuscitate ad dollars and attention.
  • Pandemic TV News Images Of Morgues: Too Much Or Too Little?
    Recent reports from New York City say more than 600 bodies, due to COVID-19, have gone unclaimed -- and we have the video.
  • Cable TV Networks Focus On Carriage Deals, Virtual Pay TV Questions
    Launching a recent holiday promotion to sign up for TVision Live, T-Mobile now believes TVision Vibe should be free.
  • Gov. Cuomo Wins An Emmy - Is That Why 'The Apprentice' Star Is So Angry?
    The reason for the special award was Cuomo's calming daily video presentations, which included realistic expectations of what damage COVID-19 was doing.
  • Poll Misfires: Maybe TV Show Questions Would Elicit Truer Results
    One reason for poll disparity: People may not want to admit they're voting for a polarizing candidate.
  • Pandemic Hasn't Led To Pent-Up Demand For Fall TV Shows
    Three weeks of top-scripted shows returning to prime-time schedules have seen mostly drops in viewership.
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