• Upfront/Newfront: TV Networks Consider Their Options
    Going to many upfront/newfront presentations? Some say there are honorable reasons to attend and get a full understanding TV network/digital video ventures. Others say that's not the point -- which has forced some TV-video sellers to reconsider the process.
  • FCC Shakes Up TV Station Ownership
    Imagine if TV stations groups could, through ownership of VHF and UHF, get coverage of around 70% of U.S. TV homes -- TV network-like levels? Well, that looks to be a reality for major TV station groups, now the FCC has stepped in.
  • O'Reilly's Fox Departure May Not Impact Financial Bottom Line
    Overall annual Fox News Channel national advertising revenue comes to $1.2 billion in 2016. Add in network affiliate fees Fox News gets from cable, satellite and telco providers? That's a whopping $9 billion a year. Bill O'Reilly is just a drop in a big bucket.
  • Where Are The New Linear TV Ad Categories?
    For some TV networks -- perhaps midsize cable networks -- digital-only advertisers are now making the jump to linear TV. That is due, in part, to the somewhat lower out-of-pocket cost of buying commercials, as a result of industry-wide erosion of linear TV viewing.
  • How The 4% Digital Factor Impacts The Upfront
    Jefferies' media analyst John Janedis predicts the upfront will be "weaker than a year ago" because the 4% digital factor from last year won't be in evidence as much this round. He believes this year's revenue will be return to its sinking ways -- $18.2 billion, broadcasters down 3% and cable off 1%.
  • Skinny TV Bundles Could Impact Ad-Free DVR Watching
    New digital live, linear TV network services sound great when compared to pricier traditional pay TV packages. But one major component won't necessarily be similar with new so-called "skinny bundles" - the ability to skip TV commercials via DVR technology.
  • Tribune Media Pulls Plug On Proposed Digital News Site
    Tribune Media had been planning a new digital national news site -- Tribune.com. But out of the blue, it applied the brakes.
  • Possible Writer's Strike: Are Upfront/Scatter Markets In Danger?
    Potential new writer's strike could have some consequences for the TV advertising industry - But this time around, much more mature businesses -- like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, and other digital platforms -- could benefit.
  • Comcast Needs Detailed Strategy To Become Netflix Rival
    A new report says Comcast wants to start up a subscription video on demand service that will include NBCUniversal programming. . What if anything will Netflix get should such a service launch?
  • Native Advertising And Fake News: Is There An Association?
    Ever wonder about the level of skepticism when more savvy customers continue to ask themselves: Am I looking at fake/slightly fake news or native advertising from a big brand?
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