• Best Buy Makes Amazon Fire TV Deal, Roku Despairs
    Roku's system, which is a major competitor to Amazon Fire TV, saw its stock sink on Wednesday's Best Buy announcement.
  • Sean Hannity, The Entertainer, Needs A New Tagline
    Fox News' Sean Hannity is no journalist; he has said as much. However, he may be a entertainer. Still, he needs a marketing fixer to fully achieve that status.
  • MSNBC Drops News Ticker, Rivals Retain It
    MSNBC has joined the ranks in "cleaning" its big TV screen by eliminating the news ticker that runs on the bottom of the TV screen on some of its shows. It wants more focus on single storytelling issues.
  • TV Dominates, But Digital Media Is A Fixture
    TV viewers are spending an average of 3 hours and 13 minutes a day watching live TV, which is up 26% from last year. Streaming TV is also on the rise.
  • Do Advertisers Want More 'Premium' TV?
    Fox Searchlight, a medium-sized movie studio focused on big adult-skewing, award-winning movies, is starting its own TV unit, Searchlight Television. Netflix, Amazon and Apple are putting billions into TV and movie production.
  • CBS-Viacom May Be A Difficult Marriage
    Shari Redstone, president of National Amusements (which controls 80% of the voting shares of CBS and Viacom) and vice-chair of both CBS and Viacom, is pushing hard for this merger -- possibly because it seems to make sense that bigger is better.
  • Is Local TV Behind In Digital Media?
    TV stations have strong brand awareness in local markets. This is a big plus when it comes to extending that brand into the digital space, but it might not be enough. There must be more -- and better -- integration with linear TV.
  • TV's Ad Push: Better Metrics, Data Safety
    Heading into the TV upfront selling period, traditional TV execs might look at one simple message to advertisers: Buy more. The TV business is not built on the idea that viewers' data is the product sold.
  • What If Facebook Adopted The Current TV Model?
    At around $10 a month -- the going price for HBO and Netflix -- users don't worry about privacy violations. Millions of people already pony up. In Netflix's case, it counts 55 million U.S customers. Would Facebook decide to mimic streaming networks and charge as well?
  • For Gen Z, Gen Y, Movie Ads Prove The Big Draw
    In a recent Kantar Millward Brown study, the most positive advertising form for young Gen Z and Gen Y consumers is cinema advertising.
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