• How Does Audience Buying Fit Into The Next Upfront?
    Jay Prasad, chief strategy officer, VideoAmp, the TV/digital advertising tech company, says audience-based guarantee buys could grab 10% to 15% of the market.
  • Could Local TV News Morph Into A Digital Media OTT Service?
    Some TV station groups, such as CBS, are amping up news coverage, with live, local video streaming OTT services.
  • What Will Happen To Cycling's Team Sky?
    Team Sky has won the Tour de France event the last six of seven years. Due to its controlling interest in Sky, Fox was a key mover when it came to marketing for the team.
  • Rivals Run Their Shows On Netflix. Does Anyone Care?
    The frenemy situation has a long history. Traditional TV studios have always positioned themselves this way.
  • Amazon Makes The Long Play As A Pay TV Provider
    Amazon, already a powerful factor in consumer retail space, might be the biggest disruptive factor for many individual TV network digital platforms.
  • Weather Can Top Even Live TV Events
    Reality shows and hit sitcoms can spike, then lose ratings. The one must-see TV draw is still live events - usually sports.
  • Is Quibi's Short-Form Mobile Video What Wireless Cos. Want?
    What financial model will wireless companies like AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon want when partnering with a content provider? Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman think they have the answer.
  • Will Streaming Video Air Ads After Pause Button Is Hit?
    Hulu and AT&T are considering adding commercials on their respective video platforms after users pause video content.
  • PSAs Engage, Stakes Raised When Content Relates To Actual TV Viewing
    Media and marketing executives will vigorously dispute the idea that TV viewers don't want to see advertising. They argue they just haven't gotten the right messaging at the right time.
  • TV Network Cancellations Are Coming -- Is Netflix Calling?
    Shows on the bubble might be wondering if a traditional TV network will keep their project alive for another season. Or, will a lifeline go out to new subscription video on demand platforms?
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