• TV Marketers Shy Away From Political Issues
    Some brand executives have told ad agencies they are afraid of alienating customers or drawing the wrath of a Trump tweet.
  • Netflix Creates New 2-Minute Viewing Standard
    Previously, Netflix counted viewing as a subscribing household watching 70% of a TV show or movie. What does this new measure mean for Netflix? Higher numbers, of course.
  • Movie Attendance, Legacy TV Slips, But Streaming Rates Are Rising
    Analysts now worry the average $10 price per movie is getting to a consumer-sensitive level. Whereas, premium subscription services are cheaper: Netflix's basic plan is $8.99, Disney+ is $6.99 and Apple TV+ is $4.99.
  • Name Your Streaming Platform - Just Add Symbols
    Monikers may be passe. Companies just include a symbol, character or punctuation, as in Disney+ and Apple TV+.
  • Will Ad Scarcity Impact OTT-CTV?
    Prime-time ad scarcity is something traditional TV knows well. Reports suggest Amazon is promising a $40 CPM deal for publishers that commit.
  • Will Your Favorite March Madness Athlete Star In An Old Spice TV Ad In 2023?
    California became the first state to pass a law that overrode the NCAA, granting college athletes the right to paid endorsement deals and agents. Ohio, Colorado, Florida and Illinois may follow.
  • Peloton Bikes Through Ad Competition
    Two different TV commercials are selling the same product -- do viewers notice?
  • Has Peak TV Peaked?
    TV executive Barry Diller warns that acute pressure on the creative community will reduce quality.
  • NBCU's Peacock Revisits TV's Genesis: Ad-Supported
    NBCUniversal is essentially trying to re-invent the broadcast network wheel -- as a streaming TV wheel.
  • Data Piracy Is Here To Stay, So Are Unforeseen Consequences
    At CES, there were ongoing concerns over data piracy -- that more AI-decision-making algorithms will skew even more marketing efforts. Or worse.
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