• Disney+ Draws An Unexpected Audience, Which May Impact Content
    The company was surprised to discover that 50% of the 95 million global customers now subscribing to the Disney+ streamer are households without kids.
  • What Does DirecTV Turn Into Now?
    Some analysts believe rural areas could be a possible improving ground for DirecTV.
  • Digital Media Content Isn't Just CTV
    Ease of media consumption seems to favor the "cooler" media: listening and looking. And that includes podcasts.
  • 'A La Carte' TV Takes On A New Meaning With Streamers
    With cord cutting, it could mean giving consumers the flexibility to decide which TV networks they stream.
  • High On Paramount Mountain: More Oxygen Pumped Into Brand Value
    ViacomCBS is sending certified hits to Paramount+ for its March 4 launch: "Frasier," "60 Minutes Plus," "Ray Donovan," "Rugrats" and "Star Trek."
  • Movie Studios Pull Back on Releasing Box-Office Data, Streamers Pick Up Slack
    In a broader digital world, new entertainment usage and valuation measures are needed to determine popularity, interest and advertising worth.
  • NFL Wants Crazy-Big Increases In Sports Fees
    If $5.6 billion in rights fees could -- in theory -- double to $10 billion, can TV networks still make money?
  • The Trade Desk Says Advertisers Will Spend Less At Upfront
    CTV deal-making can remove the shackles of the crucial legacy "base" of CPM pricing that brand advertisers use as a key metric.
  • Could Facebook Send Big Checks To TV News Networks In The Future?
    Maybe the social network is seeing what's coming -- major deregulation.
  • Brand Safety For CTV Comes First, Performance Is A Close Second
    Big-brand TV advertisers are now more likely to go to a TV network-owned streaming platform.
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