• Hurricane Coverage Delivers Earned Media For Trump Caps
    President Trump was on TV wearing a white baseball cap with "USA" in bold black letters, which is available on his website, while visiting flood-ravaged southeast Texas. Trump is trying to make a buck while attending a massive weather-related tragedy in which people died and tens of thousands lost their homes.
  • Digital TV May Face Great Subscriber Losses
    Are new digital TV services more subject to higher levels of "churn" than traditional pay TV? Do they lose subscribers on a month-to-month no-contract basis?
  • Box-Office Slump: Movie Revenues Decline, Attendance Plummets
    U.S. summer box office revenue will drop a steep 15.7% from last year, to $3.78 billion. How do movie studios make up the difference? Higher ticket prices.
  • New Media Should Focus On Real Ad Metrics
    Advertisers want multiple digital media platforms as part of a healthy overall marketplace for their messaging.
  • Trump May Hate Journalism, But The News Business Is Booming
    TV journalism is "sick," according to President Trump. But what about advertisers supporting it? Trump hasn't gone after cable news advertisers. Yet.
  • Movie Studios May Overestimate What Users Will Pay For Home Entertainment
    Executives keep thinking consumers are willing to pay a premium to see movies in their homes. Often, it is just a couple of weeks after a film's theatrical release. Such beliefs may not be sustainable in a world flooded with too much content: TV, movies and lesser premium digital media.
  • Disney's Biggest Concern For New Streaming Service Isn't Netflix
    Financial models for film studios' movie franchises depend a lot on those after-market physical movie sales. New streaming services would need to make up for home-entertainment revenues.
  • Will 'Breitbart' Become A TV Network?
    Now that Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon is back with 'Breitbart News,' the thinking is that it will look to expand.
  • Political Fridays: New TV Day For Trump Firings
    Steve Bannon was fired. Three different presidential business advisory councils were disbanded. TV's reaction? Viewership on cable news networks soared.
  • Apple Joins The Premium Video Arms Race
    Apple is reportedly ready to fuel more premium TV content -- it intends to spend $1 billion on original material. It learned a valuable lesson in launching the iTunes/App Store over a decade ago -- content drives digital device use. And premium digital video lures all sorts of companies.
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