• Actors' Unions Target ITunes' Video Download Revenues
    When it comes to the landmark Walt Disney/iTunes deal, ABC affiliates may have just thrown up their hands with a "what can I do?" attitude. Not so for the actors' guilds.
  • NBC's Winter Olympics: Weak Ratings Aren't Only Ill Effect
    Even in the worst of times, a network paying dearly for the Olympics broadcast could always count on good promotion for its prime-time shows. That may not be the case any more.
  • Torino Olympics Lacks An American Star Thanks To 'American Idol'
    Perhaps Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson should be on the box of Wheaties after these Winter Olympics are over. Considering the damage "American Idol" has inflicted on NBC's Olympics, the hosts of "Idol" would all be contenders for big marketing sponsorship deals.
  • I'll Show Them: Don't Let The Network Fire You, Do It Yourself
    Mark Burnett may have come up with the ultimate version of any reality show series: fire the host on-air. At least that's the way Martha Stewart tells it.
  • Oscars Beef Up Marketing Efforts
    All Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' executives are at their marketing battle stations, guns loaded, for the upcoming Oscar broadcast.
  • Indecency On TV: Puppets And Golf Could Be Next
    Indecency complaints are on the rise again. Not necessarily indecency itself--just the complaints.
  • NBC Needs To Fall Into Some Internet Marketing Cracks
    NBC doesn't want the help of strangers--especially strangers who want to help promote its shows. Such is the case with YouTube.com, which offered up a free download of a short "Saturday Night Live" sketch.
  • Icahn Pulls Back On Efforts To Change Time Warner
    For fast-moving corporate raiders in the fast-changing world-media conglomerates, it's hard to know when to put it into neutral.
  • More Fallout From CW Deal
    The CW's surprise announcement last month has cut down many in the crossfire. Now more collateral damage can be found: financial executives at Granite Broadcasting have decided to bite the bullet, pulling a $180 million deal to sell two WB affiliates, KBWB in San Francisco and WDWB in Detroit, to AM Media.
  • Media Moguls, Please Keep Your Family Close--And Somewhat Less Dramatic
    In the crazy land of media moguls and big media and TV companies, there is always a major player who is never happy, always dramatic, and ready to make a scene--metaphorically speaking.
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