• Future Of TV Stations Includes Different Ad Prospects
    Local TV station groups have a lot to be happy about -- rising stock prices and more money from retransmission revenue. And something that isn't always mentioned: scale.
  • TV's Supply-And-Demand NFL Formula: Take A Knee Or Stand
    Some polls suggest TV consumers want to see just the game -- and leave politics offscreen. So far, virtually all major NFL marketers are mum on the current kneeling situation.
  • Fall TV Shows Debut, 'Sheldon' Earns Comedy Stripes
    CBS' "Sheldon" is the most-watched comedy premiere since the net's "2 Broke Girls," which began in 2011. "Sheldon," a prequel to "Big Bang," will start its regular-season run November 2.
  • Trump Engages In Locker Talk, NFL And TV Advertisers Back Free Speech
    President Trump has recently called for NFL players to be fired or suspended if they do not stand for the national anthem, all for showing a lack of patriotism.
  • As Facebook Pushes Political Ad Transparency, Will Linear TV Seek More?
    In the future of addressable TV advertising, traditional, linear TV viewers may want more transparency -- not just in political ads, but all advertising.
  • Will Cable's Digital Efforts Hit A Wall?
    Traditional TV companies moving into digital seems like a no-brainer. But even veteran TV-based companies can miss -- a bit. Take CNN Digital. It pulls in $370 million in revenues a year, according to the company. But despite these numbers, according to BuzzFeed, CNN Digital now has a $20 million budget shortfall. CNN Digital has a staff of 660 people and is not considering layoffs, per various reports. AT&T has yet to close its $85 billion deal for Time Warner, which will add to the company’s already sky-high debt load. So the question is: Is there too much optimism …
  • Do Major TV Sports Retain High Value?
    TV networks depend on big professional sports, but license fees are proving costly. Magna Global projects the NFL's total national TV advertising -- for all networks -- at $3.9 billion for this season. The license fees for the year come to $4.4 billion.
  • ESPN Likes Anchors With Opinions, Until They Get Political
    Perhaps the biggest irony surrounding ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, and the subsequent missive from higher-ups that she "violated" company standards, is that she announced her point of view.
  • Flexible NFL May Accommodate TV Ads Of Various Lengths
    Shorter six-second TV ads -- largely thanks to YouTube -- seem to be in vogue. Yet we are hearing that for certain TV ads, longer is better. In both cases, one TV franchise can handle both: the NFL.
  • Trump Lobs Latest TV Attack At ESPN
    For the better part of a year or so, President Trump and candidate Trump has moaned about CNN, MSNBC and other networks, deriding lower ratings. In fact, all cable TV nets are enjoying continued viewer growth -- thanks in no small part to him.
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