• CBS Looks To Feed Showtime And Starve Food Network
    Les Moonves thinks I can do without the Food Network. He's dead wrong. I have no idea how to put together herb-crusted salmon fillets with pistou.
  • Bending The FCC Rules: Seems Like Old Times
    When it comes to the Federal Communications Commission, educating one's business sense is only one broken rule away.
  • Indecency Claims Target Last Gasp Of True Broadcasters
    Check for indecency in indecency news story headlines. "FCC Smut Complaints Sextuple in 1Q" said BroadcastingCable.com on Friday.
  • Video News Releases Could Be Bad For Families As Well
    Why isn't TV news a family issue for TV pressure groups?
  • Fox Is No. 1--And Spreads The Wealth
    Fox's "American Idol" is doing so well as the No. 1 show on television, it can now offer marketing to other networks....
  • TV Upfront Waits On One Day, Thursday
    Forget about DVR-included viewing. The network advertising upfront could get more complicated thanks to NBC decision to change things around on Thursday night.
  • TV Characters As Action Figures
    TV comedy stars may not be made into toy action figures, since action poses are limited--seemingly smirks, grins, laughs, don't count. But they should.
  • Broadcast Network Schedules Won't Turn Yellow This Year
    Yellow. Yellow. Where did all the yellow go for ABC? To the dark side.
  • The Writers Guild Names Names--For Product Placement
    Writers aren't in it for the money when it comes to money gained from product placement--but for which writers? Those with the 1.5-rated network shows, or those with the 9.5-rated programs?
  • CBS, Looking To Stand Tall, Adds Four New Shows
    "There goes four tall gentiles," said Les Moonves, chairman of CBS Corp, watching CBS Sports' Phil Simms and Jim Nance, and NFL quarterbacks Payton and Eli Manning, strolling off the stage at the network's fall programming presentation at Carnegie Hall yesterday....
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