• The Connection Between News Corp.'s New Sports Network And The Dodgers Sale
    There's a symmetry in the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers for over $2 billion coming at the same time news broke that News Corp. might be considering a national sports network to compete with ESPN.
  • Upfront Country: A Land Of $20 Billion Where Everyone Wants To Live
    Another year, and the same media question comes up as in the past: "Will digital sellers, video and otherwise, participate in the annual upfront process held by networks in June?"
  • Should TV And Advertising Be Businesses Without Rules?
    You know the HBO marketing line "It's not TV; It's HBO." That seems like a bold statement. But it should pertain to all cable TV -- at least for the money consumers pay. It doesn't. There are exceptions: AMC was a small, nondescript movie channel, now transformed to a channel of award-winning and critically acclaimed shows, thanks in part to Charlie Collier, president of AMC Networks.
  • TV 'Friends' Social Nets At The Expense Of Radio, Print, and Other Media
    Social media is getting more ad revenue. But the dollars are coming out of budgets for print, radio, outdoor and other media -- not TV. That is good news for sellers of traditional TV.
  • With The 2012-2013 Upfront Near, Which Networks Will Give More -- Digitally?
    Just weeks before the upfront, you might be wondering which networks are looking good -- and, better yet, which ones have both traditional and digital video plans. Seems that everyone can claim something good.
  • U.S Shows Can Fight Lower Ratings By Going Real-Time Worldwide
    One of the few areas where some big TV production companies still make a lot of money is in selling shows on a global basis. Just ask CBS how much money it still makes globally from its "CSI" franchise.
  • With Media Industry Employment In Transition, Where Are The Jobs?
    Layoffs aren't happy affairs, but given the increasingly fickle nature of journalism, entertainment and even media agency positions, comings and goings can be a fact of life.
  • Spoiler Alert Overload Can Cause TV Marketers Headaches
    Spoiler alerts are now ongoing in entertainment coverage, which can be good and bad news for TV marketers.
  • Handling 'Entertaining,' Journalistic Content, Read Carefully And Look For Clues
    When should you expect an entertainer to delivery journalistic-type content? Short answer: Never. When should you expect an entertainer to delivery a "story"? Short answer: Always.
  • U.S Workers, Ads, And The NCAA Tournament
    According to surveys, those watching the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this month at work will cost the U.S. economy some $175 million in lost productivity. Why? Well, that may be obvious. Many are watching the tournament during the day when they should be working. Some will go further. One in seven will call in sick.
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